Cazenovia Recovery's Intake Steps

We have streamlined and centralized our intake process here at Cazenovia Recovery Systems.

Submitting an Application

Applications may be downloaded here. In order to submit an application to our intake team, you have two options:

                        1. Fax your application to (716) 362-0221

                        2. Email your application to

Funding Source Verification

For all applicants who have the ability to pay or for those with third party payment sources already set up, their funding sources will need to be verified prior to admission.

Applicants with no funding sources set up should apply for Social Services funding during the application process.

For applicants receiving funding from Social Security, they must be either their own rep payee or they need to have a reliable rep payee already in place. Monthly fees will be due at admission in full for any new residents.

Benefits to You

Thanks to these changes, we expect to be able to better communicate with you about the intake process for applicants, including potential wait times and more.

These changes have also allowed us to reduce wait times for beds. 

Questions & Contact

For questions regarding applications for our programs, please contact our intake department by calling (716) 852-4331.

Please note that contacting the individual programs or personnel directly may delay action on applications. Applications for Liberty Hall or Housing should be sent directly to the respective program.