Caz Cares
Caz Cares

Cazenovia Recovery supports people who often have very little income. This is especially true for individuals new to our programs. Before arriving, many endured homelessness or jail. They often arrive with just the shirt on their back. New shirts, pants, and even underwear need to be purchased, though residents often have little money. In the winter, this list grows to include cold weather staples like gloves, boots, and coats.

We want to go even further with how we help residents get back on their feet, and we have a plan to do so. In March, we’re starting Caz Cares, a new fundraising initiative. Donated funds will be used to help our residents in meaningful new ways.

Textbooks can be expensive for new students

Textbooks can be expensive for new students

During their stay in our programs, residents focus on their next steps in life. Futures that were once fraught with stress and worry now feel bright and hopeful. Many individuals reawaken lost dreams or create new ones. For some, this includes obtaining a college degree. Textbooks, however, can be cost-prohibitive to new students, especially for ones not working or approved for student loans. This is where Caz Cares comes in: we’ll be able to use funds to purchase textbooks for people in our care.

Similarly, many residents are determined to find a job once they complete our programs. We help them with résumé development, interview coaching, and job searching. However, we often cannot provide help with one of the most important parts of a job interview – professional clothing. Suits, dresses, and other business attire are expensive. Because of this, they are often out of reach for individuals in early recovery. Caz Cares will help with this, too.

These are just a few of the many great ways Caz Cares will help our residents. We have more plans, but we need your help.

In previous years, Recovery Day received generous financial support from our community. This year, we have decided to overhaul the event so that it requires less financial support. We will hold a celebration of Recovery Month in September and will bring in guest speakers and local recovery resources to our programs. Throughout March, we’ll be reaching out to previous Recovery Day donors. We hope they – and you – will be interested in joining us in this new venture. If you would like to donate to Caz Cares, visit

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  1. T.L.G March 13, 2018 at 7:23 pm #

    I went through Caz Recovery back in 2006. Spent several months @ Caz Manor then a little over a year in supportive living. I had gone through many detox and rehab (inpatient) programs but always refused recommendations to stay any longer than the 28 days. I am so happy I finally surrendered and put the time/energy in to my recovery. I felt the majority of the counselors were tough but fair and truly cared. From what I understand, the majority of counselors were in recovery themselves, which, in my opinion, made them easier to relate to and harder to “get over” on, LOL. I am very grateful I had the chance to go through the Caz program.

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