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Christine Boyce, Property Manager

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Christine Boyce, property manager

Christine Boyce is Cazenovia Recovery’s new property manager, and she brings wide-ranging experience in supported and low-income housing. Her previous positions involved multifamily developments in Rochester, a commercial property in Florida, a tax credit community for the elderly, and other low-income and affordable housing projects. She’s a former certified code enforcement officer for New York State. Christine even previously served as a building inspector, which she describes as a “wonderful job.”

While she just started this month, Christine is already well aware of our tight-knit team here at Cazenovia Recovery. “I love how everyone works together,” she exclaimed. “Everyone wants everyone else to be successful in their jobs. It’s empowering.”

At the moment, Christine’s main focus is familiarizing herself with documentation for Amherst Station Apartments, our 24-unit affordable housing apartment complex. “I’ve put a checklist together, which has been helpful,” Christine said. “I’d like to make things simpler for the tenants where possible.” So far, reaction from the tenants has been very positive. “I’ve met quite a few of them,” she said, “and I think they appreciate that there’s someone here to help them.”

Next up, Christine is eagerly looking forward to visiting our programs and Supportive Living apartments. With eight group residential recovery facilities, 90 beds in nearly 25 Supportive Living apartments, and 100 beds in our Housing program, Christine will certainly have her hands full. Unsurprisingly, this does not sound daunting to her. “I want everyone to know that I’m hands-on and proactive,” she said. “I’ll be there when they need me.”

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