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Empowering Staff Wellness: Caring for Those Who Care

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We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on the incredible work being done by Libby Pfonner, our Wellness Coordinator. Libby’s dedication and passion for promoting health and wellness among our residents and staff has created a vibrant and supportive environment for the Caz community. Through engaging activities and educational sessions, she empowers residents and staff to prioritize self-care and make positive changes in their lives.

One of the key aspects of the Wellness program is the emphasis on recognizing the challenges our staff face in the human services field, particularly in substance use disorder services. Libby explains, “We wanted to make sure that we provided an opportunity to show staff that we care. We recognize that they have value as people, not just as employees.” It’s a powerful statement that reflects the core principles of our community at Caz.

Libby’s program extends beyond traditional wellness practices as she takes a holistic approach, addressing all the dimensions of well-being, such as physical, emotional, and financial wellness. By incorporating unique activities and challenges, she ensures that individuals can find something that resonates with them. As Libby eloquently puts it, “It’s about changing people’s mindsets around health and wellness.”

Caz Recovery Staff and Libby Pfonner at the Brain Museum

An integral part of Libby’s approach is fostering a sense of comradery and inclusivity among our staff and programs. Turning Point House has emerged as a shining example of the integration of wellness into daily life. Through their wellness sessions, they bring Libby’s weekly emails to life, creating a supportive environment for both residents and staff. It’s this kind of unity and enthusiasm that Libby hopes to cultivate throughout all of our programs.

We must also acknowledge the remarkable dedication of Lisa Johnston, the new Program Manager at Madonna House. She’s determined to compete with Turning Point House and create a wellness culture that inspires others. We also have the Stretch Group, led by Ed Cichon, Director of Marketing and Communications, which is a favorite among staff members at our Corporate Office. With yoga and stretching exercises, it helps staff tackle the challenges of their work day. As Ed expressed, “It’s a good way to start your day off.”

But it’s not just about physical wellness. Libby ensures that staff members have access to tools that support their mental health and mindfulness. The Calm app, with its guided meditation, sleep stories, and music, has become a valuable resource for both staff and residents. Its impact is evident as one staff member shared, “Its super helpful, and it really helps us take care of ourselves for this type of work.”

Join the Wellness Movement

To help encourage more people to participate in wellness activities, Caz Recovery provides the Welevate program to staff. This special incentive is designed to reward staff members for achieving their wellness goals. At Caz, we offer a $100 monetary incentive to staff members who successfully complete their health and wellness goals. This program not only motivates our staff to prioritize their own well-being but also serves as a testament to the organization’s commitment to their overall health and happiness.

We invite all members of the Caz community to embrace the wellness movement. Whether you’re a staff member, resident, or supporter, there are numerous opportunities to engage in activities that promote well-being. Take part in the wellness challenges, attend yoga and stretching sessions, or explore the Calm app. Together; we can create a culture of wellness and empower one another on our wellness journeys.

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