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Housing’s Turkey Giveaway

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Housing Staff and Steve's Meats
Cinda & Kathy

Cinda, a resident of our Housing Programs, and Kathy, one of our Housing Specialists.

On Friday, November 14, our Housing staff distributed turkeys and bags of food to residents of our various Housing programs. The food was donated so that residents who might not be able to afford a proper Thanksgiving meal may experience the holiday tradition. In total, 127 turkeys were purchased, which was quite a change from last year. During the 2013 holiday season, our Housing programs instead donated whole chickens to our residents, while a few turkeys were raffled off. 2014 marked the first year turkeys were the main feature of our holiday resident donation. On average, this year’s turkeys were around 15 pounds, and they were purchased from Steve’s Meats on East Delevan in Buffalo.

Other food was also included in the donation. Jennifer Hatton, Program Director of our Housing Programs, explained that our staff “noticed that the younger people in our programs needed some support with obtaining food.” Options like cereal, snack bars, and other staples were included to ensure that our residents had a wide range of food and nutrition to choose from.

Jaime, a resident in our Permanent Supportive Housing program, said that the donations were “greatly appreciated,” and other residents remarked that Cazenovia Recovery “always manages to give us help when we need it.”

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