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Now Recruiting Volunteers & New Hires

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Caz Recovery is Hiring and Looking for Volunteers!


COVID-19 has quickly changed the way healthcare and substance use treatment providers are operating. Longstanding practices are now either being shifted to tele-operations or they’re changing in other significant ways. Caz Recovery is implementing pilot projects all across the agency. One includes flexible support groups on topics like wellness and vocational development. We’re also incorporating flexible staff positions that will provide coverage between multiple programs.

We have one more idea we’d like to initiate. People in recovery often want to give back to people just starting their journey towards a better life. Now is a great time to volunteer to help those in need. To help guide us through this crisis, we’re looking at the possibility of volunteers providing support within our residential programs. If you’re interested in volunteering with us, contact Ed Cichon, Director of Marketing and Communications at


We’re not just looking for volunteers, though. We have many paid positions available, too. It’s clear that the virus has decimated the economy in extremely unfortunate ways. Unfortunately, many local business and organizations have had to close their doors the last couple of weeks. Many Western New Yorkers sadly now find themselves unemployed or furloughed.

As an essential services provider, we’re still operational, and we’re hiring. If you’re interested in a new career path that can help make a difference in someone’s life, we have plenty of positions available.

Here are some featured openings across the agency:

All of our current openings are listed on our employment page.

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