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Rehabilitation Groups

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Rehabilitation Groups

In many ways, groups are at the very foundation of the services we provide. They allow residents the opportunity to discuss and analyze their thoughts and emotions while learning from the experience of others. Rehabilitation groups in particular provide residents opportunities to engage in intensive treatment interventions.

Our programs offering Rehabilitation – one of OASAS’s new elements of 820 residential care – have greatly expanded the number of groups they offer. In fact, each program has dozens of group topics that meet the needs of the specialized populations the program serves. With so many topics offered, residents are able to choose those that best meet their personal needs.

Some Rehabilitation groups focus specifically on evidence-based practices. These include cognitive behavior therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and others. These help residents to develop new skills and understand their behaviors, thinking, and motivation in order to make positive changes in their recovery. They also help residents to identify their potential triggers while developing strategies for coping with situations and stress more effectively.

Other Rehabilitation groups focus on the interaction of substance use, mental health, and medical issues. Each of our programs offers groups on co-occurring disorders and health management. Others still address the more holistic aspects of recovery. These include topics like creative expression, wellness and recovery, effective communication, guided meditation, and more.

In keeping with our agency’s focus on Trauma-Informed Care, each program also offers a group on Seeking Safety. These groups specifically help residents identify and understand trauma and its relationship to substance use. In addition, Madonna House offers a group specifically on trauma-informed parenting.

Residents in our Rehabilitation programs attend a set amount of group and individual sessions each day. When taken together, the collection of Rehabilitation groups help residents to develop a strong, person-centered plan that capitalizes on their strengths and successes.


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