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Becca’s Story

“The staff are so supportive, and my roommates are helpful, too. My roommates are moms, so they know what it’s like.”

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On the last day she used, Becca spent hours scrounging up money to buy drugs just so she could avoid going through withdrawal. “I just got so sick of being sick,” she said. Becca spent most of her time in the bathroom with withdrawal symptoms instead of with her daughter, who was two at that point. “It wasn’t a life,” she explained. “I couldn’t take her places. We couldn’t go to the park. I couldn’t do anything with her.” Becca knew she needed to change.

Supportive Living & Her New Son

After deciding to get help, Becca successfully attended different treatment programs in Buffalo. These providers referred her to our Supportive Living program. She’s originally from Gowanda, but she has chosen to stay in Buffalo for a few reasons. “There’s public transportation, and my sober supports are out here,” she explained. “I like living here.”

She’s been in Supportive Living since July of last year. “It’s been really great,” Becca said. Her case manager, Bonnie Goodrich, has been a huge help. Becca also explained that the program provides both accountability and freedom, which she really enjoys. “The staff want the best for you,” she added.

While she’s accomplished a lot in her recovery so far, Becca’s time in Supportive Living has brought a major development in her life. She gave birth to her son, Jaxstyn, in April. He’s a very happy baby and she likes taking him out on walks around her neighborhood. Becca is extremely grateful that Supportive Living has apartments that support parents with children. “It’s great,” she said. “The staff are so supportive, and my roommates are helpful, too. My roommates are moms, so they know what it’s like.”

A Message for Others

Becca wants everyone to know that people in recovery are doing what they can to build inspiring futures. “We’re not perfect,” she pointed out. “We’re all just learning to live life without drugs and alcohol. For a lot of us, that’s extremely difficult.” One thing is clear to Becca, though: the stigma placed on people in recovery makes their journey that much more challenging. “It’s hard when society is so judgmental,” she said. “Shaming people does not help at all whatsoever.”

She’s learned a whole new set of skills to remain drug and alcohol free. “I’ve got sober friends, I’m going to meetings, and I’m doing sober things.” She’s very proud that she can go to concerts and the beach while sober. For others in recovery, Becca hopes that they can find inspiration to seek help. “We all have our own story, but we can all help each other,” said Becca. “Nobody goes through this alone.”

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