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Becky's Story

“I look forward to what days bring now.”

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Heartbreak & Help

Becky’s recent struggles started when her husband suddenly left her one day. This, of course, was devastating emotionally. However, it also led to some significant financial challenges since his income kept them afloat. “I got depressed and started getting high again,” Becky said. Shortly after he left, she ended up homeless. All of this stress was too much to for her to bear, and she knew she needed help.

Thankfully, Becky knew just where to turn. She had been to Casa Di Vita in 2005, and what she learned then helped her to be happy and healthy for fifteen years. Becky quickly put a plan in place to get herself back to Casa. First, she checked into a homeless shelter right at the height of COVID. They then referred her to White Deer Run in Pennsylvania. After that, she got her wish and admitted to Casa Di Vita.

It’s been four months since she arrived, and Becky couldn’t be more grateful for her experience. “I’m thankful that it’s still here,” she said. Having a safe place to live is important, and she still finds the staff to be “really helpful and easy to talk to.” Becky has also been extremely helpful with managing the raised garden beds at Casa. Thanks to Becky’s help, the program has been able to grow greens, carrots, beans, tomatoes, and more.

Her Important Future

It’s pretty clear that Becky is a motivated person. Unsurprisingly, she’s already got her next steps worked out. She’s moving to the Garden Lofts, our new Housing program, soon. This is exactly what the Garden Lofts were designed to do – give people who have substance use disorders an affordable apartment after completing treatment. In fact, she was excited to see that the Garden Lofts has its own raised garden beds that she can help with next spring.

Sadly, her mother was also diagnosed with cancer recently, and she moved into an assisted living home. However, Becky’s on her way to getting her GED so that she can become a home healthcare worker for her mother. She knows this might be a bit of a challenge, though, as her mom “feels like she’s still some kind of spring chicken or something,” she said with a smile.

Becky’s experienced a lot of change recently, but she remains optimistic. When asked how sharing her story made her feel, Becky laughed and said, “Important. Like somebody cares to hear it, like I can help someone.” Her story is unquestionably inspirational, and she knows that sharing it may help to motivate others. “My whole mindset is different,” Becky said. “I look forward to what days bring now.”

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