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Rebecca’s Recipe for Success in Recovery

“I took advantage of everything possible here, but there’s always more to learn.”

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For Rebecca, life while she was using was “chaotic and rough.” Though she was able to hold down a job, her substance use always interfered with her work. “I had experience with good things and being successful,” she said. In fact, she was a manager of a restaurant. But after years of use, she found herself homeless moving from couch to couch. “I really lost who I was,” said Rebecca. She found it difficult to even look in the mirror. “It was really hard to face what my life had come to,” she said. “I knew that’s not who I was or what I wanted.”

Getting Help

Thankfully, she hit her breaking point. “Something clicked. I was just done and wanted my life back.” The next day, she walked into her probation officer’s office, and they worked together to find help. Rebecca’s journey in recovery began in Niagara County where she received inpatient treatment in Lewiston. She also spent time at the Niagara Falls City Mission while she waited for an opening in the next level of care. While there, she developed an important network of recovery supports that still assist her to this day.

She’s admitted to Casa Di Vita five months ago. “This program has helped me tremendously,” she explained. “It’s given me my work ethic back.” She also credits Casa for helping her restore her self-esteem and her self-worth. The staff at the program helped her to build healthy relationships. Casa also allowed her to reconnect with her love of cooking. She served as the lead in the kitchen throughout her stay, and even taught other residents some advanced techniques. “I’ll cook anything,” she said.

Steps toward Success in Recovery

She squeezed in a quick discussion with us about her success in recovery before checking out an apartment in Niagara Falls. “It’s all working out,” she expressed. “I’m moving in with my boyfriend in May.” Their long-term plan is to relocate to Pendleton.  This way, she’ll be able to be close to her sober supports.

Along with moving in with her boyfriend, Rebecca has other exciting things in her future. She hopes to go to culinary school in the fall. “I’m touring three different schools soon,” she said. Rebecca knows that the skills she developed at Casa will serve her well in her career. “I took advantage of everything possible here, but there’s always more to learn.”

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