WELLNESS program


Earn prizes and coins for taking care of your health! Complete wellness challenges throughout the year to earn your prizes.


Nutrition is an integral part of not only a person’s health and wellness, but their recovery. It is Caz’s goal, with help from their Registered Dietitian, Danyel Brewer, that residents learn to build a healthy relationship with food. Through hands-on groups and lessons, participants will learn how to make affordable, nutritious foods to help support their mental health and overall wellness. Residents also have the opportunity to meet for individualized sessions with Danyel to address their specific medical needs.


Sign up for Double Up Food Bucks with Danyel or at a participating location.


Find food pantries, mobile markets, and soup kitchens with FeedMore's Finder.

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Whether you have 30 seconds or 30 minutes, Calm content is made to suit your schedule and needs.

As a Caz Resident, you get a FREE subscription for Calm Premium. To get access, provide your full name and email below:


Vocational services hub

Open Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM-3:30 PM at the Step Toward Success Office

(2671 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14214).

  • FREE Dress for Success Professional Clothing Closet

  • Employment-Related Document Request Assistance

  • Information about the ACCES-VR Application for Vocational Rehabilitation Services


All are welcome to enjoy the Wellness Nook daily! Wellness and Nutrition activities will be scheduled throughout the year. 

Join Art Access for Free Access to Art!

The Arts Access program was created to remove the barriers that prohibit many Western New Yorkers from experiencing the arts, including cost, transportation, language, and effort. Any individual or family who receives income-based public assistance in WNY is eligible to apply. Arts Access passes can be used at any of the 45 partner locations, all of which believe that the arts belong to everyone.

How to Join

Any resident in the Cazenovia Recovery organization is eligible for the Art Access program. To sign up, you can contact the Wellness Coordinator, Libby Pfonner:




- or -

You can sign up on the Art Access website by clicking the button below.

Where to Go

Explore over 50 venues ranging from art, music, nature, film, museums, theater, tours, speaker series, dance, and more!

With the Art Access pass, you can reserve a day and time to visit any of the participating partners, for free, and bring a plus one! Some partners allow more than one guest, so make sure to call and ask.

To view all the participating partners click the button below.

Request a Ride

Free transportation is available for locations within and around Erie & Niagara Counties. There is a mileage restriction of 20 miles between pick up and drop off points.

Shuttles can typically hold 3-12 people depending on your needs and can accommodate either four wheelchair clients, a combination of wheelchair and ambulatory, or ambulatory only. Anything more than 2 wheelchairs will reduce the number of ambulatory individuals able to fit. For parties of 12 or more, more than one shuttle can be booked. Transportation services are also able to accommodate service animals, please state in your request if this is the case.

If you are moving on from Caz Recovery, DON'T WORRY! Your membership is good for a year, can be renewed if you are still utilizing income-based public assistance, and you still get all the benefits from Art Access.


Each of the programs provide some fitness equipment. Below is a video created to show proper techniques on how to use some of the equipment. Matt Cybulski, personal trainer and strength coach of MAC Fitness, has worked with Caz and the residents on their fitness goals. As a person in recovery himself, Matt understands how fitness can play a role in the recovery process. Please review the video before using the equipment in the facilities.

Dumbbell Bench Press

Dumbbell Row

Foam Rolling

Dumbbell Bicep Curl

Dumbbell Overhead Press


ACE is a great resource of general fitness for anyone. ACE believes movement is at the core of what it means to feel healthy, to feel alive, to engage in the human experience.

Girls Gone Strong is an excellent resource for women's fitness especially for pre- and post-natal individuals. GGS strives for women to feel strong, confident and empowered.


I use the Calm app everyday and it really helps me spiritually, keeps me grounded, and be more at peace with myself. 

Suzie D.

The groups we do are so fun and helpful. They give us a chance to come together to laugh and get along. It's all positivity! Also, the activities we do are fun and exciting like the yummy treats we make for ourselves and also the different scrubs and hobbies we learn for our self-care. Thank you Caz for a wonderful experience!

Savannah G.

I've really enjoyed both groups [nutrition and wellness], the activities as well as the lessons. I'm learning new hobbies, therapeutic methods and activities for everyday life. Furthermore, these groups have helped me find a stress-free attitude, especially the crocheting.

Brett F.

Thank you for coming and teaching me new things to do and make. I found out you can have more fun being sober. I loved when we went bowling and Griffis Sculpture Park.

Ricky S.

This group has been helpful in so many ways. Libby's groups are fun and open me up to new health things. We made foot scrubs and it's really helped my 'man-feet.' Thanks Libby for helping to keep my mind open.

Cory R.

I've really loved the Art Access pass. I used it almost every weekend over the summer with my girls. We've gone to Explore n More twice, the botanical gardens, and a few others places. We love it!

Carrie A.