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Annual Physical


With your medical benefits, a routine annual physical (well visit) is a $0 Copay Preventive Service. Annual physical examinations allow you to connect with your Primary Care Physician and gain knowledge of your personal health and potential health risks.

Routine Blood Work


Baseline tests check for blood sugar levels, blood cell counts, and metabolic function, and cholesterol.

Sexual Health Screening


This includes annual OBGYN exam, mammogram, prostate exam, urology, and STD screening.

Dental Exam


The American Dental Association recommends regular biannual dental checkups in which the dentist examines teeth and gums. 

Vision Exam


Eye exams can determine whether you need glasses or contact lenses and can identify vision problems such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts. 



These include immunizations like influenza, COVID and COVID boosters, shingles, etc.



These include meeting with a nutritionist, therapist, or any specialized doctor like a podiatrist.

Monthly Challenges


Workplace well-being challenges focusing on a variety of wellness topics.



Meet with a Registered Dietitian for a nutritional check-up.  

Mental Health


Meet with a mental health professional.


Nutrition is an integral part of not only a person’s health and wellness, but their recovery. It is Caz’s goal, with help from their Registered Dietitian, Danyel Brewer, that residents learn to build a healthy relationship with food. Through hands on groups and lessons, participants will learn how to make affordable, nutritious foods to help support their mental health and overall wellness. Staff also have the opportunity to meet for individualized sessions with Danyel to address their specific medical needs.

Check each week's Wellness Wednesday email for nutrition tips from Danyel. You can always email Danyel to set up a one-on-one consultation by emailing her at: dbrewer@cazenoviarecovery. org.

The world’s #1 app for mental fitness Millions of people are experiencing lower stress, less anxiety, improved focus and more restful sleep with Calm. Whether you have 30 seconds or 30 minutes, Calm content is made to suit your schedule and needs.

As a Caz Staff, you get a FREE subscription for Calm Premium. To get access, provide your full name and work email below:


Each of the programs provide some fitness equipment. Below is a video created to show proper techniques on how to use some of the equipment. Matt Cybulski, personal trainer and strength coach of MAC Fitness, has worked with Caz and the residents on their fitness goals. As a person in recovery himself, Matt understands how fitness can play a role in the recovery process. Please review the video before using the equipment in the facilities.

Dumbbell Bench Press

Dumbbell Row

Foam Rolling

Dumbbell Bicep Curl

Dumbbell Overhead Press


ACE is a great resource of general fitness for anyone. ACE believes movement is at the core of what it means to feel healthy, to feel alive, to engage in the human experience.

Girls Gone Strong is an excellent resource for women's fitness especially for pre- and post-natal individuals. GGS strives for women to feel strong, confident and empowered.


The Wellness Program helped me see that I needed a new position here at Caz because I couldn’t put enough time and effort into my own wellness in the position that I was in. Since transitioning to a new position, I have begun doing the trackers. Libby’s trackers have helped me put a focus back on wellness not only for just myself, but for the baby that I’m expecting as well!

Since focusing on the trackers and my wellness, I have started exercising more, sleeping better, and I quit vaping. I even used the Calm app the other night to assist me when I couldn’t fall back asleep! Thanks Libby!

Morgan Foshee, Admin

Since participating in the wellness program I have become much more motivated to take care of my mental and physical health. I also began teaching a yoga group and enjoy finding activities for the residents to participate in that they might not have ever had the chance to try until now.

Alyssa Draudt, Turning Point House

You would think that being the Wellness Coordinator that I would have all my ducks in a row, however, previous to joining Caz I had not been to my primary doctor in over three years. The Welevate program gave me the push I needed to make an appointment and get an annual physical. Turns out I had nothing to worry about and everything went well. I have also been on a road to recovery with disordered eating since 2017. Working along side Danyel and listening to her lessons has really helped me with my own personal journey. I love Danyel’s person-centered approach, meeting people where they are, and never passing judgement on any type of food. Since not placing moral values on my food, I have found peace with my nutrition and body image, which in turn helps me pass along what I’ve learned to staff and residents.

Libby Pfonner, Admin

My wellness story is this….recovery from active addiction! I will celebrate 8 years clean on December 28th! I chose life over jails, institutions, and death!

For the Caz Wellness program - I was pleasantly pleased when I was “heavily encouraged” to participate in last month’s challenge. I always tell myself I am going to participate but then in the craziness of my workdays I put it off because I am always so busy and there always things to be done! However, after taking a few minutes to complete the challenge I realized my accomplishments throughout the month. It gave me a boost of self-worth! THANK YOU!

Suzanne Sisson, Admin

Since I have been getting involved with the wellness activities, I have been able to keep a closer look at different areas of my well being. I have since been able to reduce my a1c diabetes tests from a 13.4 to a 8.9. I was able to get a tracker to monitor my levels throughout the day. I also started taking Ozempic to help with any unnecessary food cravings I was able to lose 15 to 20 pounds . The practice of tracking has become a habit now whereas I keep an eye on sleep, sugar/coffee intake exercise and so on. I was also able to complete the obstacle course at the wellness luncheon where in the past, I would not have participated . Thanks for all of the encouragement.

Jose Diaz, Turning Point House

In the midst of a bustling city, my life was consumed by the demands of work, unhealthy routines, and stress, until I stumbled upon a memo offering a Workplace Wellness Program. Inside my office sanctuary, my journey towards well-being began with personalized fitness and nutrition guidance, transforming daunting workouts into joyful routines and unhealthy office snacks into nutritious meals. Mindfulness and stress management became invaluable tools, fostering a calm and focused demeanor, while a supportive community of colleagues provided encouragement and camaraderie. As months passed, I witnessed profound changes in my energy levels, weight, and overall mood, ultimately gaining a new perspective on life. This Workplace Wellness Program not only revitalized my well-being but also highlighted the invaluable benefits of prioritizing self-care in the workplace, a testament to how investing in employee wellness reaps rewards for all.

Michael Sauta, Housing

The wellness program has helped me by pushing me to learn and practice mindfulness everyday. I enjoy living in the moment and it has reduced my stress level. I also started a journaling to a prompt an app sends to me daily and that is really helping my mental health.

Michelle Harvey, Turning Point House

The wellness program has helped me in many ways. The Welevate activity was a genius idea in helping us to make sure we are making and actually going to our routine doctor appointments. I’ve only made two so far and I have about three more to go. I’ve have always been a procrastinator and when it comes to my health and wellness that shouldn’t be the case. For instance my eye glass prescription is two years old. I know I should receive an eye exam once a year, but I pushed that as well. I think just from the hustle and bustle of everyday life it’s hard to balance work , life and kids. When it comes to my children’s health I go above and beyond. I make sure I’m on top of every appointment that they may need. I know now that my health is just as important as theirs and it should be taken more seriously. I will now hold myself accountable and make sure I make and attend every routine doctor’s appointment before the year is out.

Lastly the calm App has become one of my most used apps. I love going to sleep to sweet calming sounds of the ocean. Also on the nights I’m too tired to read to my children, I’ll just find a book on the app and let the audio play. It keeps me from having mom guilt. Thank you for your time!

Shakita Sherrod, Admin