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Jessica Radice – Supervisor Spotlight

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Jessica Radice, accounting manager

Jessica Radice, accounting manager, brings a focus on communication and training to our finance department. She has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Hilbert College and celebrates her one-year anniversary with us this month. Since coming on board, she has worked with her team to meet the needs of our programs while ensuring that our finance department remains effective and supportive.

Cazenovia Recovery is actually Jessica’s first experience working with a nonprofit organization. “I wanted a change of pace and to learn something new,” she said. “It’s definitely different. You really have to stop at any moment and deal with an unplanned event.” These unplanned events often create complex situations that require a dependable response. In the near future, Jessica hopes to implement more one-on-one meetings with her team. “I want to review potential issues in order to take a proactive approach,” she said.

As we have grown, communication has become important, and this is something Jessica is working to improve. “I want to ensure that we know where things are going and how we can get the most important information returned to us,” she explained. Jessica seeks to do this in a manner that is trauma-informed. “I try to be proactive and speak to everyone in a way that’s cooperative,” she noted.

Our finance department and programs alike are both becoming more responsive and more collaborative with each other. To continue this positive progression, Jessica is opening up a discussion about how our finance department and programs can work better together. This includes trainings for program staff and managers, along with reinforcing this approach with Jessica’s team. This way, the finance department can adhere to processes in a way that serves the needs of the department and our programs.

Recently, Jessica worked with one of our program managers to guarantee that a resident received a check in a timely manner. Our program manager was very understanding of the process, thanks in part to Jessica’s explanation of the department’s methodology. “I appreciated that she listened and was accommodating,” Jessica explained. This situation revealed something to Jessica that is a fundamental truth about our agency: “Everyone here just wants to help out in any way they can.”

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