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Why Caz Recovery?

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A substance use disorder is a medical diagnosis. And, like most medical diagnoses, treatment is available. With the right combination of medication, counseling, skill-building, and more, hope can be restored for people struggling with substance use.  

Caz Recovery takes a comprehensive approach to providing treatment and services in our programs. In fact, we offer a complete continuum of residential care for people with substance use disorders.  

Our Continuum of Care

Residents often start their journey in recovery in our Rehabilitation programs. Rehabilitation is an intensive element of care that addresses how to succeed in early recovery. These programs integrate substance use counseling, mental health treatment, basic primary care, family counseling, and more all onsite. 

Next, residents can move onto our Reintegration programs that connect them with community resources like outpatient treatment and vocational services. Residents can live in our larger group-living programs if they need more support and structure. Alternatively, we also offer peer-supported apartments for individuals further along in their recovery. This is an important step in building independence for people with substance use disorders.

We also offer supported housing for individuals that provide rental subsidies, security deposits, wraparound services, and more. There is a major gap in housing in Western New York: housing is often unaffordable, but in safer areas. Alternatively, it is also often affordable, but in areas that are less safe. Having housing that is both safe and affordable for people with substance use disorders is incredibly important. Caz Recovery seeks to provide this in our Housing programs.

Individuals are welcome to join our programs at any level in the agency that best meets their needs. 

Our Approach to Counseling

In each of our programs, group and individual counseling and support sessions are our most common tools. Each of our dedicated staff members takes the time to get to know our residents on a personal basis, and we help them address their concerns in whatever way we can. 

Group topics vary from location to location, and each program offers targeted group interventions to their specific population. These topics can focus on boundaries, conflict resolution, mental health, employment goals, wellness, family issues, mindfulness, stress management, parenting, gender-based topics, and others. 

Residents are also given choice among groups. If a resident doesn’t need to work on developing their budgeting skills, but would benefit more from learning more about managing their health, their schedule will reflect their person-centered needs. 

Caz Recovery is committed to providing Trauma-Informed Care. We seek to create to create environments create positive outcomes for people who often have extensive histories of trauma. As an agency, we are committed to providing an organizational environment that is trauma-informed for both residents and staff.

Throughout our work, we employ evidence-based practices including pharmacotherapies (also known as medication-assisted treatment), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Contingency Management, Motivational Interviewing, and others. 

People with substance use disorders need support now more than ever. The hopes of our residents guide our work each and every day. 


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