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News & Updates

Angela Goodman, Program Secretary

Angela Goodman, Program Secretary

Angela Goodman is Madonna House’s Program Secretary, and she has over 20 years of secretarial experience in healthcare.

Working with Save the Michaels

Working with Save the Michaels

Every day, Caz Recovery works with organizations across Western New York. One of our most valued partnerships is with Save the Michaels.

Attend Caz Recovery’s Open Interviews!

2021-06 Open Interviews

Caz Recovery is holding an Open Interviews session at our Corporate Office on Thursday, July 1 from 11AM - 2PM! Come join our team!

Restructuring our Maintenance Department

Restructuring Maintenance

Thanks to Clarke Reed, our new Facilities Manager, we've been able to restructure our Maintenance department to be more responsive to our programs.

Trauma and Substance Use

People with substance use disorders often experience childhood trauma. Caz Recovery incorporates the implications of trauma into our work.

Our Overnight & Evening Staff

Our Overnight and Evening Staff

Caz Recovery's overnight and evening staff make a difference in the lives of people with substance use disorders each and every day.

Sundram Manor & Reintegration

Sundram Manor & Reintegration

COVID-19 disrupted Sundram Manor's hopes to move to Reintegration last year. Next month, however, all of their plans will finally pay off.

Advocating for the Field

Advocating for the Field

Caz Recovery has recently prioritized statewide advocacy efforts for people with substance use disorders and the field as a whole.

Focus on Finance

Focus on Finance

Jenn Leumer, our Director of Finance, and our finance team have guided us through one of the most challenging financial years in our history.

Rebecca Wagner, Casa Di Vita’s Food Services Specialist

Rebecca Wagner, Food Services Specialist

Rebecca Wagner is the Food Services Specialist at Casa Di Vita, and she's a critical part of our agency-wide food services team.

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