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Our Commitment to Trauma-Informed Care

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Today, we want to shine a spotlight on Caz Recovery’s commitment to and consistent re-engagement with Trauma-Informed Care (TIC). While it has been an organization-wide effort, Andrea Ocasio, Director of Clinical Services, has played a pivotal role in reshaping our dedication to TIC. Andrea’s passion for trauma-informed practices and her unwavering commitment to our residents have been instrumental in creating a safe and nurturing environment for healing and growth. Andrea has been with Caz for 13 years and has also been the driving force behind the implementation of Trauma-Informed Care principles.

Collaboration with ITTIC: A Transformative Partnership

Nearly a decade ago, Caz embarked on a groundbreaking journey with the Institute on Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care (ITTIC) at the University at Buffalo to incorporate trauma-informed principles into our programs. This collaboration has been instrumental in advancing Caz’s commitment to TIC and has had a profound impact on the lives of our residents. Our partnership with ITTIC has allowed us to bridge the gap between theory and practice, as we worked together to create a trauma-informed environment that meets the unique needs of individuals with substance use disorders. With the support of the Tower Foundation, Caz established a dedicated team to focus on implementing trauma-informed practices across our organization. This pivotal change not only enhanced our understanding of trauma but also enabled us to provide more compassionate and effective care to our residents.

Trauma-Informed Care: Fostering Healing and Resilience

At Caz, we wholeheartedly embrace TIC as a cornerstone of our approach to providing the best care for our residents and clients. Andrea explained that TIC recognizes the profound impact of trauma on individuals and aims to create a safe, supportive, and empowering environment for those who have experienced it. “We believe in empowering individuals with a sense of control and autonomy in their care by offering choices, involving them in decision-making, and always respecting their preferences.” This approach restores a sense of agency that trauma may have taken away. Andrea notes that our staff has been extensively trained to approach interactions with sensitivity and empathy, always being mindful of language, triggers, and potential stressors to avoid re-traumatization. Building trusting and supportive relationships lies at the heart of TIC, ensuring that each individual’s journey towards healing is met with compassion, understanding, and empowerment. Our commitment to Trauma-Informed Care allows us to foster an environment where healing and resilience can flourish, making a positive difference in the lives of those impacted by trauma.

Andrea Ocasio, Director of Clinical Services

Positive Outcomes and Resident Empowerment

Andrea’s commitment to empowering our residents has yielded inspiring results. Through our initiatives, residents have been actively involved in shaping their own experiences and environment. Andrea emphasizes the importance of acknowledging residents’ need for choice, especially in areas like food and TV schedules since their days are highly structured. She mentions how involving residents in menu planning can foster a sense of ownership and contribute to their overall well-being. One remarkable outcome has been the transformation of our resident feedback system. At Caz, we revamped our resident satisfaction surveys to emphasize a strength-based and solution-focused approach, encouraging residents to share positive experiences and valuable suggestions for improvement. The impact of this change has been astounding. Residents now actively participate in providing helpful feedback, leading to tangible improvements in our services and a deeper understanding of their needs. This feedback loop has become an invaluable tool in our continuous efforts to provide the best possible care to our residents.

Every Voice Matters

Incorporating TIC into our work doesn’t stop with our residents. We actively look for ways to incorporate the voice of our staff members into our plans and practices. At the moment, we’re encouraging our staff members to contribute their thoughts and ideas through our Strategic Plan Input Survey. Their valuable insights will play a vital role in shaping the future of Caz Recovery and our continued commitment to providing the best care for our residents. Together, we can create a compassionate and empowering environment that fosters healing, resilience, and positive change for those impacted by trauma.

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