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There are millions of people in this country, from every walk of life, who are facing or are affected by addiction, mental health disorders, or homelessness. Addiction and mental health disorders can affect anyone at any time. Cazenovia Recovery Systems, Inc. is committed to assisting individuals with these challenges. Our services help individuals restore their independence while we support them on the personal road to recovery.

Recent News and Updates

2017 Annual Report

Posted by Cazenovia Recovery on May 18th, 2018
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2017 Annual Report Image

Last year was all about vigorously planning and preparing for the exciting changes happening throughout 2018. To reflect all of these developments, we’ve also taken a brand-new approach for our annual report. The complete version is entirely web-based. It features information on our successes, our […]

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Finding Treatment

Posted by Cazenovia Recovery on April 30th, 2018
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Finding treatment for drug and alcohol recovery can be a complex process. Whether you’re looking for yourself or for a loved one, there are many options available. More programs are opening to help combat the opioid epidemic and current programs are restructuring to better meet […]

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