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A New Chapter for Turning Point House

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We’re excited to share the successful inauguration of our new Turning Point House facility, a milestone that signifies a major step forward for Caz’s mission to provide support and treatment for substance use disorder. This facility symbolizes our renewed commitment to nurturing recovery and healing. As we explore the profound impacts of this new beginning on both residents and staff, we’re setting new benchmarks in recovery support services and fostering an environment where individuals profoundly affected by substance use find renewed hope and the possibility for transformation.

The transition from the old Turning Point House to the new facility was driven by a pressing need for more space and modern amenities to better serve our residents. We worked in collaboration with the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS), who also funded the project, as well as the Dormitory Authority for the State of New York (DASNY), who offered additional oversight of the project. The new facility took years of planning and over a year to build. The move was met with an outpouring of positive emotions from the residents, who were thrilled with the improved living conditions and the promise of a more conducive environment for their recovery journey.

Renae Banach, Program Manager, and Briana Petersdorf, Director of Clinical Services

Staff Perspectives: Improving Care and Operations

From the staff’s perspective, the transition to the new Turning Point House facility has been transformative. With the expansion to more spacious and better-equipped surroundings, staff members have noted a significant improvement in their ability to deliver personalized and effective care. The enhanced workflow and the elevated capacity to maintain client confidentiality have contributed to elevating the care experience for residents.

According to Renae Banach, Progam Manager at Turning Point House, “We’re now able to offer a more tailored approach to recovery, which is crucial for our residents’ journey.” The new environment has also cultivated a more positive and supportive atmosphere, instrumental in fostering better outcomes for both residents and staff. When Michael Pollina, a Turning Point House Counselor spoke about the facility changes he stated, “Having your own space for client meetings not only respects confidentiality but also creates a more comfortable setting for both parties.” This transition underscores the commitment to not just enhancing physical spaces but also to improving the quality of care and operational efficiency at Turning Point House.

Enhancing Recovery through Improved Facilities

The transition to the new Turning Point House has been heralded as a significant improvement for facilitating recovery, thanks to its spacious bedrooms, state-of-the-art communal areas, and enhanced recreational facilities. These upgrades have transformed the recovery environment, offering residents a more comfortable and welcoming living experience conducive to their personal growth and healing.

In the coming months, the new residence will increase capacity from 21 to 30 residents, which is a notable expansion in services. With the facility’s expansion, there’s now additional space to host local community Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous meetings onsite, further enriching the support system available to residents. The design and layout of the building were meticulously planned to promote wellness and community—two pillars essential for successful recovery journeys.

Renae took a moment to reflect on the residents’ sentiments and underscored the positive impact of these changes. “They love the building. They say it’s really nice, it’s so new!” She also quoted members of her team, who stated, “We all had shared offices so it’s been really nice to have your own space.” This illustrates the improved working conditions for staff, which in turn benefits the residents by ensuring more focused and confidential care.

Looking Forward: The Future of Turning Point House

Looking forward to the future, Turning Point House under Caz is poised for significant development, aiming at not just enhancing the facility’s infrastructure but also enriching its community impact. Plans include adding a new basketball court, expanding the staff with more skilled counselors, and continually upgrading the facility to cater to the evolving residential needs. The transition to the new facility is celebrated as a pivotal moment, marking both growth and the reaffirmed commitment of Caz in fostering a supportive and empowering environment for recovery. As this chapter unfolds, it heralds a future bright with promise in the realm of substance use disorder services, strengthening community bonds, and turning lives around. The new facility is a symbol of hope, growth, and endless possibilities.

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