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April’s Motivated by Her Family

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April, a Somerset House resident

April’s Relationship with Her Family

Family is very important to April, a resident at Somerset House. In fact, she’s used her time with us to develop stronger bonds with them. “My relationship with my family is better than it’s ever been,” she explained. Notably, April credits family as the reason she decided to seek help. “I want to be the daughter and sister that I haven’t been in a long time,” said April.

Of course, their relationship wasn’t always so positive. One of the hardest things for April is coming to terms with the past. “I don’t know if they’ll ever know how sorry I truly am,” she expressed. However, April knows she’s making progress every day. Seeing her family’s pride helps her stay substance-free. “If I ever have a craving, I think about everything I’ve gained and everything I could lose” she said.

Her Use & Her Help

Like most people with substance use disorders, she’s faced a lot of adversity. One of the main reasons she continued to use was because she felt alone and helpless. “I started to lose hope,” she said. “I was starting to think that I couldn’t break out of it.” Thankfully, she was able to get help. And now she’s very proud of her accomplishments: “I can’t believe I actually did it,” she said.

After deciding to seek treatment, she had great experiences with First Step, Clearview, and Horizon Health. At the moment, her staff and fellow residents at Somerset House are right there to support her.

Thankfully, her feelings of loneliness and hopelessness aren’t there anymore. This is because meeting others in recovery has made a huge difference. “I’m building lifelong relationships,” she noted. “It’s nice to have people that know what you’ve been through.”

Recovery Brings Great Things

Recently, she’s taken a step back to think about what life is like with a substance use disorder. “Everyone thinks it’s a choice,” she remarked. “In the beginning, I chose to try drugs, but they take over. It turns you into somebody you’re not.” Drugs were such a big part of her life for so long that she was scared of what life would look like without them. Now that she’s been free of drugs for almost a year, she knows she has much to look forward to.

The strength of her relationships with her family confirms she made the right choice. In fact, she’s about to meet a new family member really soon. April is pregnant and due in March! Though she always wanted to be a mom, she didn’t think it would ever happen due to years of substance use. “I’ve been given the best gift,” said April. “I’m being rewarded for doing the right thing.”

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