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Cadence Square: A Partnership for Veterans

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Cadence Square: A Partnership for Veterans

Veterans Day deservedly inspires a grateful nation to recognize the value and sacrifices of military service.

At Cazenovia Recovery Systems, Inc., we think about Veterans every day. Many who have served in the military have been welcomed into our programs over the past 35 years.

LaKeisha Walker

LaKeisha Walker

Cazenovia Recovery is involved with two programs that are designed specifically for Veterans – Liberty Hall on the VA campus in Batavia and Cadence Square on the VA campus in Canandaigua.

Cazenovia Recovery helped to develop Cadence Square in partnership with the Veterans Administration and Finger Lakes Addictions Counseling & Referral Agency (FLACRA). Operated by FLACRA, the program has served over 270 Veterans and their families since its 2014 opening.

Cadence Square offers a continuum of care that spans three levels. Safe Haven is a community residence for homeless Veterans who have a diagnosis of substance use or a mental health issue. There are 15 beds and participants may stay up to six months. The next step is a transition to supportive living apartments within the same building.

Independent apartments are located next door – one three-bedroom, three two-bedroom and 13 one-bedroom units. Each level has caring staff members who are dedicated to meeting residents’ critical needs. Medical care is coordinated and VA counselors join in providing assistance.

Bruce, a Cadence Square resident

Bruce, a Cadence Square resident

LaKeisha Walker is a residential program manager with Cadence Square. “We work very closely with the VA,” she said. Residents might have daily groups at the VA, might work on campus or have outside employment. Each has a weekly one-to-one session with Cadence Square staff. “We become a home for the residents because a lot of them were living out on the street,” she added. “We’ve had a lot of successful discharges. Clients have found great apartments. One even bought his own home.”

In the past year, Bruce, an Army Veteran, has progressed to Supportive Living and has a job at a VA call center. He is grateful for the assistance and noted that LaKeisha “helped guide me and keep me focused.”

He said: “I lived to use and used to live, then I decided to make a change. I can hope now, I can dream. I’ve got choices. Recovery is a guarantee of freedom and hope.”

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