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Mission & Vision Updates

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Mission & Vision Updates

Over the last few months, we’ve been busy updating many key documents that guide our agency, and this included our mission and vision statements. Every nonprofit has a mission statement. It provides a nonprofit with purpose, gives direction to goals and services, and inspires and motivates staff members.

Understandably, the focus of our mission is who we support every single day: people with substance use disorders. With this update, we wanted the statement to be both uplifting and straightforward so that people can easily look to it for guidance. While we took efforts to streamline the statement, we also broadened our focus so that it allows us flexibility in our programs and services. This will be important as we continue to grow.

Our updated mission is:

Many nonprofits also have a vision statement that encapsulates what the organization is striving for. In many ways, vision statements are aspirational in nature. The recent updates reflect our best hopes for Caz Recovery in the next few years. Our updated vision statement is:

Last, we’ve also updated our core values. They touch on trauma, person-centered services, racial and gender equity, wellness, and more. Our new core values are that Caz Recovery:

Our mission, vision, and core values are always available on our website. To help promote the updates, we’ll be sending out promotional items to programs and offices across the agency that contain the mission and vision statements. We’ll also be installing our mission and vision on the walls in our programs and offices over the next few weeks so that they’re top of mind for everyone in the agency.

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