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Mothers in Recovery

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Olga and her youngest son

Mother’s Day highlights mothers one day each year, but at Cazenovia Recovery Systems, mothers who are among our residents receive special attention each day.

Cazenovia Recovery’s dedicated staff work with women and mothers in recovery across programs spanning community residences, temporary supportive living apartments, and permanent independent housing.

Recovering from diagnoses of chemical dependency, mental health disorders, and homelessness, individuals, including those who have not been successful in previous recovery attempts, find safe and welcoming environments here. Treatment focuses on daily living skills, vocational and educational pursuits, and relapse prevention strategies.

Rachel has a six-month old son

Rachel has a six-month old son

Our agency cares about what residents have to say about the treatment areas and programs that are advancing their recovery.

Olga (pictured above), a Housing resident for six years, points out that her experience benefits her children as well as herself. “Being a mom is a lot easier now that I’m clean,” she said. Olga values being able to tap into the resources that the staff presents. “I can go to anyone for anything,” she said. “If one of my kids is going through a hard time, they will come and help out.”

A new mother of a baby son, Rachel has been a Housing resident for almost a year. Her experience as a mother, she said, has profoundly changed her life. “My life revolves around my son and I am trying to change everything for him,” she stated. Rachel appreciates this opportunity to provide a stable home for her child.

The most important lesson she says she has learned is: “There’s no reason in the world to use.”

After six months at Casa Di Vita, Charlene moved to Supportive Living. Both she and her son are in recovery. “We’re proud of each other,” Charlene said. “We’re each other’s support.” Her positive message is: “Don’t beat yourself up focusing on what you’ve done. Focus on where you are now.”

Debra and her daughter enjoy sharing family time together

Debra and her daughter enjoy sharing family time together

Debra has been a Housing resident for two years. “Every little thing I did affected my children,” she said. “I stopped using because of my children – so they could have a better life.” Cazenovia Recovery has helped her secure basic needs for her five children.

“We’re closer now because of everything that has happened,” Debra’s 15-year-old daughter said. “Being part of Cazenovia Recovery Housing doesn’t feel like a program any more,” she noted. “It feels like family.”

When asked about the best part of being part of her mother’s recovery journey, she replied: “Watching her change.”

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