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Our Medical Services

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Our Medical Services

Medical Services & Substance Use

As society continues to acknowledge that a substance use disorder is a medical diagnosis, more programs are incorporating healthcare into their operations. Our own recent transitions reflect this.

Back in 2018, we began offering Rehabilitation treatment at Cazenovia Manor, Madonna House, and Turning Point House. Thanks to a regulatory redesign from the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports, we’ve been able to provide basic primary medical care in these three programs. In addition to clinical and direct care staff, our Rehabilitation programs now include LPNs, a Registered Nurse (RN), mid-level medical staff, and a Medical Director.

Darcy D’Arcy serves as our agency’s RN, and she sees firsthand how medical services can help someone with a substance use disorder. In fact, programs like ours may be the first encounter someone with a substance use disorder has experienced with the healthcare system in years. According to Darcy, many residents “have a lot of underlying medical issues that stem from their addiction. When they come to us, a lot of [what] they’ve neglected for a very long time is addressed.”

Darcy D'Arcy, our agency's RN
Darcy D’Arcy, our agency’s RN

Medical Team Transitions

Over the last few months, our medical services team has gone through some significant transitions that have allowed us to implement exciting changes.

We’re now using our mid-level providers within our staffing model in new ways. Kyle Wiktor is our Nurse Practitioner and Michael Fraser is our Physician Assistant. Together, this team provides much of the basic primary medical care to our residents. These days, much of this happens via telehealth. “It’s so efficient,” Darcy said. “Residents don’t have to wait to see the doctor. They’re so appreciative that they have that available to them weekly.” Meanwhile, Dr. Peter Margulis serves as our Medical Director, and he provides guidance to the medical services happening throughout our Rehabilitation programs.

Next up, we’re in the pilot stages of launching an electronic medication administration record in partnership with Parkview Health Services. Darcy has described this as a “very exciting new venture for us.” It’ll first launch at Turning Point House, then expand to Cazenovia Manor and Madonna House, and lastly, it’ll be offered to our Community Residences. Darcy also feels that this will reduce medication errors. “It’s going to be more efficient and safer,” she said.

Turning Point House in Eden

Medical Services & COVID-19

Conveniently, many of the changes we’ve recently implemented within our medical services have allowed us to remain nimble in the face of this major pandemic. Having our mid-levels provide primary care through telehealth services demonstrates that we’re keeping pace with some of the major upheavals happening throughout the healthcare sector. Thus far, we’ve been able to keep our residents safe thanks to the personal protective measures we’ve implemented across the agency.

Unsurprisingly, Darcy was absolutely instrumental in our response to COVID-19. She was extremely effective at locating PPE, thermometers, and other medical supplies. Everyone across the agency benefitted from her long days searching for supplies online. She even stepped in during the height of the pandemic here in Western New York to cover some of the nursing shifts at our programs. “The adaptability was phenomenal,” Darcy said of the agency’s ability to respond to COVID-19.

Despite all the challenges the last few months, Darcy is happy to be a part of the Caz Recovery team. “I love everything about this job, to be honest,” Darcy said. “I think it’s the best move I’ve ever made.

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