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Our New Strategic Plan

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Since we wrapped up our participation in GetSET, a local capacity-building initiative for nonprofits, we’ve been busy putting everything we learned to work. One major project that’s taken months of planning and evaluation has been our new strategic plan. We just put the finishing touches on it, and we’re excited to release it this month.

From the start, we wanted it to be realistic and complementary to our current work and objectives. Oftentimes, nonprofit strategic plans can be lofty and impractical. They quickly become easy to ignore, despite the amount of time and effort they took to create.

Thanks to the driving goal of having it be functional, we’ve created a solid plan for the next three years. To do so, our Board of Directors worked with skilled consultants to develop objectives that will be engrained into our current work. All of this has given us direction and a set of primary goals for the years to come.


The plan is structured into the following six strategic areas:

  1. Implement Infrastructure Growth & Improvements
  2. Compliance Planning
  3. Capital Improvements & Property Management
  4. Improve Financial Stability & Oversight
  5. Enhance Board Functions
  6. Organizational Visibility & Marketing

These strategic areas reflect a combination of preparing for upcoming changes in the sector while building on our past successes. Each is, of course, a critical area that requires the agency’s continued focus as we move forward. Under each strategic area, smaller and more specific goals are listed. It’s through these goals that the real work will be accomplished, and they’re all visible at

This structure allows for some innovative strategies. For example, it lends to creating easily-identifiable goals and tasks to work on throughout the agency. The infrastructure development work in our programs will focus on identifying important metrics to ensure the quality of our care. Doing so will allow us to better integrate with other providers and networks, too. This will become a major focus in the field in the coming years. Our programs will work to update our incident management processes, as well.

All of these goals also directly connect with the current work plans and evaluations of our Executive Team members. Soon, they’ll be incorporated into the work of our managers and other staff. This is important as it will add accountability to the work, and it will also allow for better real-time evaluation.


Since we’ve organized the plan in a way that encourages evaluation, we will feature updates and progress on a regular basis. This will primarily be accomplished through relevant staff providing reports to our Board, and that information will then be added to our strategic plan page. If you ever want to check out what’s happening with our goals and strategic plan, simply head over to

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