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Our Overnight & Evening Staff

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Our Overnight and Evening Staff

Our programs operate every single hour of every single day. For the most part, a large part of our services and treatment are provided during the mornings and afternoons. We offer different kinds of counseling and support, meals, transportation to appointments, and much more. However, important aspects of our programming happen during the evenings and overnights, too. Without our evening and overnight staff, our programs simply wouldn’t work. They provide a backbone for the agency so that the rest of our services can happen.

Caz Recovery has three primary overnight roles. Clinical Aides work overnights and evenings in our Rehabilitation programs and are responsible for some clinical tasks. Residence Monitors partner with Clinical Aides on overnights in the Rehabs, and Program Monitors are the overnight staff in our Reintegration programs. The evenings often feature a mix of daytime and overnight types of staff. Staff in our Supportive Living and Housing programs are on-call 24/7, as well, and respond to emergencies whenever necessary. This can sometimes involve having to get out of bed in the middle of the night to respond to crises.

A Sample of Our Overnight and Evening Staff

Donald Williams is a Clinical Aide at Cazenovia Manor, and he’s been with the agency for a little over three years. He primarily works overnights and has previous experience at First Step, BestSelf, and additional programs throughout the state. Donald also has an associate’s degree in Alcoholism and Mental Health from Erie Community College. Like many staff in the field, Donald has personal experience in recovery. In fact, next month marks 28 years substance-free for him. “I have a passion for recovery,” Donald said. “I’m still excited about it like I was on day one.”

Donald Williams, Clinical Aide at Cazenovia Manor
Donald Williams, Clinical Aide at Cazenovia Manor

Meanwhile, Carol MacNeal is a Program Monitor who works overnights at Somerset House in Appleton. She’s fairly new to the agency, as she’s been with us for six months. Before Somerset House, most of Carol’s experience was in retail, though she worked at a nursing home, too. She admitted that the change was a bit outside of her comfort zone. Thankfully, she really likes her position now and says that it’s “a lot calmer” than what she’s used to. “I feel like I have a purpose,” Carol said.

Krystal Neal, Support Services Specialist, works in the evenings at Somerset House from 3PM – 11PM. She’s been at the program for over two years, and she has previous experience as a home health aide. Like Donald, she has first-hand experience in recovery. “I’ve been through it, so I understand their point of view,” she said. “I want them to succeed.”

Carol MacNeal, Program Monitor, and Krystal Neal, Support Services Specialist, at Somerset House
Carol MacNeal, Program Monitor, and Krystal Neal, Support Services Specialist, at Somerset House

Typical Responsibilities & Connecting with Residents

Evening and overnight staff across the agency share many responsibilities. These include filing, toxicology screenings, making regular rounds, cleaning and sanitizing, and more. Each program and position offers a little nuance, though. Donald runs morning meditation groups at Cazenovia Manor and critiques charts while Carol runs leisure groups with residents and does laundry. A large part of Krystal’s responsibilities involve verifying passes for Somerset House residents and filing medical and other records.

Above all else, our evening and overnight staff are responsible for ensuring the safety of residents. This can look different for each person, and it allows these staff to connect with residents in a unique way. “Sometimes they want to talk, and we’ll sit and talk about their problems,” Donald said. Carol reminds residents that her door is always open. She always tries to guide them when they’re looking for advice. Meanwhile, Krystal believes that many residents open up to her because of her personal experience in recovery. “I know what they’re going through, and I’ve gotten out of it,” said Krystal.

We’re grateful for each of our overnight and evening staff, and we know that our residents appreciate their support, too. They make a difference in the lives of people with substance use disorders every day. “If I see one person make it, it’s worth it,” said Donald.

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