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Safety Begins with Teamwork

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The team at Cazenovia Manor is dedicated to upholding a trauma-informed environment, specifically one of physical and emotional safety. Staff make it a priority to ensure that residents feel safe, welcome, and comfortable from the moment they step through the front door. Residents’ parents have said that they feel that their son is safe there. They also said that the staff are both friendly and helpful. Residents who have graduated from the program come back to visit the staff to let them know of their successes and have spoken about Cazenovia Manor as a place where they feel safe.

Cazenovia Manor’s staff is person-centered and solution-focused. When a resident first arrives, they ask them what they want to achieve, and how they can help them achieve their goals. They strive to meet the resident where they are at, address all needs, and ensure that the resident is safe. Staff are always available, as they have an open door policy. Residents know that they can go to any staff member at any time, and feel comfortable doing so. This open door policy includes the program director, as residents know that they can meet with her whenever needed. Residents do not have to wait or reschedule their appointments if their counselor is out sick, as another counselor will gladly meet with them instead. All of the staff members take responsibility for all of the residents, and work as a team to best meet the residents’ needs. Due to this teamwork, residents feel safe going to any of the staff members, as they know they are all there to help them. This attests to their motto “Teamwork makes the dream work!”

Staff continue to ensure the safety of residents at Cazenovia Manor through following up on residents’ social time. Residents can sign in and out of Cazenovia Manor throughout the day for appointments and social time in the community. This time is monitored by staff to make sure that the residents are safe when they are out of the building. If a resident is out longer than expected one of the staff members will give them a call to check-in and make sure that they are safe. This lets the residents know that the staff care about them. The staff at Cazenovia Manor also work as a team to do rounds throughout the day and at night. This helps staff to be even more engaged with the residents. Staff are always on the look-out for creative ways to get residents involved in the community and engaged in groups. Staff also take the time to set up events for the residents. They recently held a cook out for Father’s Day, as well as a Memorial Day Picnic. They believe that the more involved and engaged they are with the residents, the more successful they will be.

This caring team is dedicated to providing a safe environment where the residents can learn, grow, and focus on their future.

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