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Scotty Burt – Staff Spotlight

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Scotty Burt, senior relapse prevention specalist

Scotty Burt is a major contributor to our agency’s innovations in recovery. He previously worked for the town of West Seneca where he saw the difficulties young adults in the area were having with substance use. He knew he wanted to make a difference. Luckily, he found his way to our agency in 2013 as the Housing program’s relapse prevention specialist. “It was just perfect,” he said. As of next week, he will begin his new position of senior relapse prevention specialist.

Scotty, who is a Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC), uses a wide range of innovative methods to promote relapse prevention among our Housing residents. In the past, he’s used drum circles since motion and movement help to relieve stress. He’s also used various art therapy approaches. In fact, he will soon start an adult coloring group using recovery-focused coloring books. This group will promote relaxation while reinforcing the positive messages about recovery contained in the books. Scotty also offers guided meditation to residents along with a group that discusses movies and their positive messages. “People really enjoy our groups,” he noted.

Not only does Scotty’s new position start Monday, but so does our new relapse prevention specialist. Scotty’s new responsibilities will involve overseeing this position. “This will give me more free time to implement new groups,” he explained. “I also want to focus on developing personal relationships with other providers in the area.” The new relapse prevention specialist is expected to start a women’s group. “It’s an underserved population,” Scotty noted. Since she is female, she will be able to lend a first-hand perspective to the group.

This new relapse prevention specialist will join a cohesive and holistic team within the Housing program. Understandably, Scotty really enjoys working with his fellow staff members at Housing. “Everybody is a team,” he said. “We all get along really well.” Above all else, Scotty enjoys being able to help residents who may be challenged by self-expression. “If we can meet as a group and push out their negative energy, we can help them in their recovery,” he said.

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