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Shaun White – Supervisor Spotlight

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Shaun White, property manager

Shaun White was recently hired as our agency’s new property manager and he oversees our maintenance team. His position also manages Amherst Station Apartments, our environmentally-friendly apartment complex in Buffalo for low-income individuals.

Thankfully, Shaun’s education and experience match the requirements of our property manager position perfectly. He has an associate’s degree in Accounting from Bryant and Stratton, a bachelor’s degree in Finance and General Management, and a master’s degree in Business Administration. Both his bachelor’s degree and his master’s degree are from Medaille College. This combination of skills and knowledge translate to his experience, as well: Shaun previously served as an account and a property manager.

Shaun’s First Three Months

Since he started with us in October, Shaun has had a “lightning fast” three months and he has found everyone to be extremely helpful throughout the agency. Shaun helped to enforce our pest management policy to great satisfaction to our staff and residents as he was becoming acclimated to each of our facilities. “With over 35 properties, it’s a constant juggling act of prioritizing and addressing everyone’s issues,” said Shaun. “I want to make sure we give each site attention and build better relationships with them.” He cited keeping our maintenance team responsive as a goal.

Thanks to Shaun’s leadership, our maintenance team continues their work helping the people we support in their recovery. They recently helped a resident move from Unity House to his new apartment in Supportive Living. “You could tell he was excited for his next step,” Shaun said. “Getting to see the progress our residents’ recovery is pretty great.”

Amherst Station Apartments

While Shaun oversees maintenance at our community residences and various recovery-focused apartments throughout Western New York, he also manages Amherst Station Apartments. The 24-unit apartment complex was opened by our agency in 2010 and provides high-quality environmentally-conscious housing to low income individuals. Shaun is working on finding new tenants while building relationships with our current ones. “I want to let them know that we have their back,” he said.

What’s clear is that Shaun has hit the ground running in his new position and we couldn’t be happier with his results. “I really like this job,” he noted. Shaun is a wonderful match for this fast-paced and dynamic job that definitely keeps him on his toes. “It’s easy to get overwhelmed but I like a challenge,” he said.

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