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Staff Spotlight – Felicia Scott

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Felicia Scott serves as the Administrative Secretary at our Administrative Office and she has been with the agency for four years. Originally, she was hired as a temporary employee through a temp agency and decided to stay with Cazenovia Recovery because she “liked the work.” Since assuming her position, she has become the hub for much of the administrative tasks within our agency.

She enjoys her “continued interaction with the sites” since she is in constant communication with programs throughout the agency. “I’m a people person and I like engaging people,” she said. Felicia greets people at our Administrative office with a smile and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

One of Felicia’s ongoing goals is achieving uniformity across the agency with administrative projects. She wants to ensure that each program “is on the same page.” Thanks to her help, the programs receive regular updates and helpful reminders on administrative items. Everyone looks forward to her calls on Friday mornings reminding staff members about database maintenance.

At the moment, she is working on setting up the agency’s new interoffice mail system. Employees will soon start using colored envelopes that correspond to specific kinds of mail. Categories include confidential, financial, personnel, and regular interoffice mail. Felicia noted that we can expect to see “better organization in getting mail to the sites.” This will allow us to remain organized and to continue meeting the demands of confidentiality in a creative and colorful new way.

Most of all, Felicia likes helping out her coworkers. She is a valuable part of the team at our Administrative office who makes everyone feel welcomed.

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