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Supervisor Spotlight: Paul Shelton

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Paul Shelton, Ivy House's Site Supervisor

Supervisor Spotlight: Paul Shelton

Cazenovia Recovery Systems will begin featuring monthly updates recognizing supervisors throughout the agency. These posts will be called “Supervisor Spotlights” and Paul Shelton, who is currently managing both Ivy House and Supportive Living, will be our first featured supervisor.

Paul has been with Cazenovia Recovery Systems since January 2014 and has acclimated well to the agency’s culture. Before joining the Cazenovia Recovery team, Paul worked for ADDS and has held various positions throughout the field of recovery including Counselor Aide, Counselor, Supervisor, and now Program Director. He has also worked in both residential and outpatient settings. Paul currently has an associate’s degree in mental health and substance abuse from Erie County Community College and is CASAC-certified.

When asked why he wanted to get involved with people in recovery, Paul stated that he “wanted to help people who are struggling and in need.” He also explained that he “wanted to make sure people are getting the care they deserve.” Paul is inspired by seeing our residents succeed. “It keeps me motivated.”

He especially is proud of situations that involve the entire program rallying around a resident when they need extra support. “We never give up on people who are actively trying to recover,” he said. “Everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves a second chance.”

Paul finds motivational interviewing, a technique that helps residents find their own motivation and desire to change through collaborative conversation, incredibly useful and he recommends anyone in the field to learn more about it.

The future includes impressive developments for Paul. As part of the current transition within Cazenovia Recovery, Paul is moving to Program Director of Supportive Living, a position he finds both challenging and exciting. He will also attend the University at Buffalo next year in order to pursue a bachelor’s degree in social work. “It’s always good to stay up-to-date on the changes with addiction,” he said.

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