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Tyron’s Enthusiasm in the Face of Adversity

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Tyron’s Enthusiasm in the Face of Adversity

Strong Connections

After Tyron lost his job due to his alcohol use, he tried to quit on his own. However, alcohol withdrawal is very dangerous, especially without medical oversight. As a result, he ended up in the hospital. “The gig was up,” he said. “I needed medical attention.” He then checked himself into the First Step Center through Northepoint. After detoxing at the program, the staff encouraged him to transition to the Stutzman Addiction Treatment Center. “They coached me,” he said. “I was ready for the next step.” Tyron feels that each of the different programs prepared him well for what was next.

Tyron’s new to Unity House, and he has certainly hit the ground running. Cierra Young, Unity House’s site supervisor, said that he’s enthusiastic and “a pleasure to the treatment environment.” This is due primarily to Tyron’s incredibly positive outlook.

The Effects of Trauma and Substance Use

The time he’s spent in treatment has allowed Tyron to come to terms with a tragic part of his past. When he was younger, Tyron lost his mother, father, and brother in a very short period of time. In many ways, this unimaginable stretch of loss led to his troubles with alcohol. “That type of pain took a lot from me,” said Tyron.

Trauma can have major repercussions on a person’s life. In fact, severe histories of trauma often lead to substance use. This is why Cazenovia Recovery offers Trauma-Informed Care in each of our programs. We recognize how impactful trauma can be, and we try to help our residents heal where they can.

Tyron mentioned how much his family means to him. “I have to follow their lead,” he said. “I dream about them every night.” While his family still provides him with inspiration, dealing with this trauma is new to Tyron. Notably, even talking about it out loud is a new experience for him. “I buried it for so long,” he said. However, he’s grateful for the family he still has. He spoke highly of his aunt who encouraged him to seek help. “I’ve been through a lot of loss,” he remarked. “I’ve made it through a lot and I’m still able to smile.”

Unity House’s Support

Tyron’s been at Unity House for two weeks. So far, he really enjoys the program. He especially likes the staff. “They’re very patient and very polite,” he explained. “They give you tools to figure out a blueprint of what you want to do next,” he said.

Tyron’s personal blueprint includes moving into a Supportive Living apartment. He’d also like to go back to school. Conveniently, he already has some college credits completed in criminal justice and psychology. Whatever comes next, Tyron’s positive attitude will no doubt come in handy. “I feel brand new,” said Tyron. “I’m learning how to live again.”

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