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Upcoming Agency Transitions

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Visions Place will close this summer

This upcoming year will see continued changes within Cazenovia Recovery Systems. Our agency will, as always, respond consistently with patience, knowledge, and excellence due to our wealth of experience.

The first major transition involves Visions Place. The priority of its funders has changed from transitional housing to permanent housing for the chronically homeless. Funding for the program was scaled back dramatically, and the agency made the difficult decision to close the program. Visions Place will close this summer and will work to place its current residents in programs that best suit their needs.

New Beginnings will combine with Ivy House this summer

New Beginnings

Shortly after the closure of Visions Place, New Beginnings and Ivy House will both transition to their new location as a combined program at 923 Sycamore Street. The new program will serve the same population that was helped at New Beginnings and Ivy House: men aged 18 and over in recovery from substance use. There will be no disruption of service in the move from New Beginnings and Ivy House to the new program at 923 Sycamore Street.

We are incredibly proud of what the staff at these programs have accomplished over the years. Together, Visions Place, New Beginnings, and Ivy House have assisted thousands of individuals on the path to recovery. It saddens us to see these invaluable programs close, but we recognize the changing environment in which we operate.

Ivy House will combine with New Beginnings this summer

Ivy House

By the end of the year, the agency also expects to begin a new housing program that will serve 32 chronically homeless individuals with mental illness who are also in recovery from substance use. This population is currently being served at Visions Place. These residents will receive services in their own scattered-site apartments, as opposed to a larger community-style residence.

Thanks to the dedication, flexibility, and cooperation of our staff, we will handle these transitions with confidence and ease. These changes will allow us to continue to provide hope and care to underserved populations throughout Western New York.

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