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Commemorating Liberty Hall

Healthcare organizations across the state are evaluating their practices and funding sources in order to survive within a rapidly-changing environment.

In preparation for this new reality, Cazenovia Recovery has made the difficult decision to close Liberty Hall. The program, a community residence for Veterans, will close on June 30. Liberty Hall was created in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in 2011. It is located on the Batavia VA Medical Center campus.

Liberty Hall's Gazebo

Liberty Hall in Batavia, NY

All of Liberty Hall’s Veterans have been placed into alternative programs or independent housing within the community. This placement process has evolved over a period of months and the last remaining Veterans discharged this week.

The staff at Liberty Hall have worked tirelessly over the last two months to ensure that each Veteran receives a personalized plan for their next steps in life. To do this, they have worked closely with the VA and other providers throughout Western New York. Staff members have always been exceptional, and their dedication has been unwavering, even now.

Throughout its history, Liberty Hall has achieved important outcomes. In fact, the program has always surpassed its target outcomes set by the VA. Its Veterans had higher rates of remaining substance free, obtaining stable housing, connecting with community and medical resources, and more. In addition, it has been critical in helping the local homeless continuum of care reach a “functional zero” for homeless Veterans in Western New York.

While the program has had exceptional accomplishments, it has struggled historically with fiscal sustainability due to extremely lean funding structures. Unfortunately, operating the program is no longer sustainable financially.

Cazenovia Recovery will miss this wonderful program, and we thank everyone who has contributed to it over the years.

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