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Jovan's Story

“Recovery is a daily journey. It's about taking life one day at a time.”

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Despite facing immense hardships, Jovan has made remarkable progress with her substance use and mental health challenges and is now on the path to a better life.

Beginning of the Struggle: A Life Overwhelmed by Loss

Jovan’s path to substance use was marked by profound loss. “I was homeless, broke, and damaged,” she begins, sharing the deep impact of losing both her parents and enduring an abusive relationship. Jovan’s coping mechanism during these tumultuous times was alcohol. “It numbed me and made me feel temporarily happy,” Jovan admits, reflecting on her attempts to handle her overwhelming grief and anxiety. Jovan’s turning point came when she faced the harsh consequences for a DWI, finding herself at a crossroads without her car or freedom. Incarceration became the catalyst for transformation, sparking a newfound determination to change her circumstances. This turning point in Jovan’s life came unexpectedly, and the arrest shook her to the core. “I was scared… I was at rock bottom,” she recalls. This moment of vulnerability was the catalyst for seeking help, leading her to Clearview and, eventually, to Caz Recovery.

The Healing Process: Finding Strength and Community at Caz Recovery

Caz Recovery became more than just a refuge for Jovan; it was a place of hope and healing. In the healing space of therapy, Jovan unraveled the intricacies of her mental health. Diagnosed with manic depressive disorder, anxiety, and PTSD, her path became clearer, her battle more defined. “The people here, their care and support, have been instrumental in my recovery,” she shares. Through counseling, support groups, and medical assistance, Jovan began to confront and manage her PTSD, anxiety, and depression, transforming her story from despair to hope. Today, Jovan stands as a symbol of hope and perseverance. With plans to move into her own apartment and return to work, her journey inspires many. “The AA meetings, the stories of others remind me I am not alone in this,” she says with renewed optimism. But what truly set Jovan’s journey alight was the unwavering support she received from the Madonna House community. In her words, “They gave me a voice, a place to share, and a place to heal.” Through therapy, group sessions, and the camaraderie of her peers, Jovan embarked on her journey to rise above her deep despair.

Embracing a New Future: Jovan’s Aspirations and Hopes

With newfound wisdom and a support network that feels like family, Jovan now sees a brighter future. Her grandson, the apple of her eye, motivates her to walk a path of sobriety and resilience. AA and NA meetings have become her sanctuary, where she cherishes not only the support but also the friendships forged in the process of recovery. Jovan’s story serves as a beacon of hope—a testament to the human spirit’s capacity to rise above the most trying circumstances. In her own words, she imparts her wisdom: “Recovery is a daily journey. It’s about taking life one day at a time. And in this community, I’ve found understanding and strength.”

As we draw inspiration from Jovan’s remarkable journey, let us remember that recovery is not just possible; it is within reach. It is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience and the enduring power of seeking help in the face of life’s challenges. Jovan’s story is an anthem of hope, and we are privileged to have her as part of our Caz Recovery community.



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