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MarkusAllen's Story

“My favorite part of the program was having the freedom to make mistakes, something that I have never experienced before.”

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MarkusAllen’s journey to recovery has allowed him to open up about his struggles after finding help at Cazenovia Manor. He has been a resident there for seven months, and he’s getting ready to move on to Unity House to continue his inspiring progress.

Before arriving at Cazenovia Manor, MarkusAllen had a chaotic life. “I was trying to restart my life, but nothing was working. My relationships were not working out. I was angry with life and not talking to people, leading to a great degree of anger and depression.”

MarkusAllen’s biggest challenge was to recognize that he needed help and the courage to seek it out. “Recovery was a reset for me. I needed to restart, start over to recover what I lost – materialistic things and my life in general, my mind and body.”

He’s benefited from Cazenovia Manor in many ways, but he’s especially grateful for the tools he has gained from the program. They’ve helped him handle things emotionally and make healthier choices. He now has the ability to better care for his son in order to give him the best life possible. “My son was my motivation. [Cazenovia Manor’s staff] helped me realize that I needed tools to properly care for my son.”

In many ways, Cazenovia Manor has been MarkusAllen’s lifeline. “My favorite part of the program was having the freedom to make mistakes, something that I have never experienced before.” MarkusAllen is determined to measure up to the man his grandfather was for him and his son. “I am inspired by my grandfather, knowing that I still have time to become the man he was.”

MarkusAllen’s success story is a testament to the fact that programs like Cazenovia Manor work. “It gives you a reset and helps you fix your life. Life is worth living,” MarkusAllen said. To him, life in active addiction isn’t “really living.” It’s often filled with stress and trauma and heartache. “You’re just drifting through life,” he added. MarkusAllen encourages everyone to take that step towards recovery. “I want people to not be afraid to fix their lives. Don’t be embarrassed.”

MarkusAllen has hope for his future, and he’s hoping that sharing his story will help others to feel the same. No one struggling with substance use is alone, and there is always help available.

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