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Tanya's Story

“I have to remind myself that God forgave me. I cannot keep letting others beat me up for who I was. I'm not that person anymore.”

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Tanya, a resident in our Housing program, has found hope, strength, and healing at Caz Recovery. Prior to joining Caz, Tanya faced many challenges and battles with addiction. Today, this remarkable individual has made incredible strides in her recovery. Tanya’s story is a testament to her wisdom, the transformative power of our programs, and the unwavering support of our dedicated staff.

Finding Solace, Creativity, and Continued Support at Caz

Tanya embarked on her recovery journey with Caz in 2012, initially joining Visions Place, a program we operated that prioritized co-occurring disorders. This was a transformative phase in her recovery. This program not only provided her with a secure and structured environment but also offered invaluable mental health support. Tanya found solace in the camaraderie and understanding of her fellow community members, and she eagerly participated in activities like art classes and music. These outlets allowed her to redirect her energy towards positive endeavors, fostering personal growth and moving her forward on her path to recovery.

Tanya’s creativity blossomed during her time at Visions Place. She became known for her innovative ideas and her ability to think outside the box. After her time at Vision’s Place, Tanya transitioned to the Caz Housing program, a significant step towards independent living. Despite the transition, Tanya recognized the ongoing value of support groups and continued to actively engage with them. These groups provided her with a sense of community and encouragement, allowing her to maintain a strong support system on her journey of recovery. Even after transitioning to her own apartment in our Housing program, Tanya continued to explore her artistic talents and engage in community events, bringing joy and inspiration to those around her. She often showcased her creativity as she adorned her doors with captivating Christmas decorations, displaying her artistic flair and bringing joy to the community during the holiday season.

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Growth

The transition from a structured program to a supported apartment was not without its challenges for Tanya. She initially experienced fear and uncertainty as she adjusted to being on her own. “I never thought I could sustain myself without relying on others, but it made me have more faith and belief in my ability to be self-sufficient,” Tanya stated. The supportive staff at Caz played a vital role in her transition. They allowed her to maintain a connection with Visions Place, enabling her to gradually embrace her independence while still receiving support and guidance.

Setting boundaries became a crucial aspect of Tanya’s recovery journey. Learning to prioritize her personal well-being and establish healthy relationships was a significant challenge. She had to let go of toxic influences and surround herself with positive influences that aligned with her new path. Through self-reflection and the support of her loved ones, Tanya learned to love herself and not allow others to define her worth.

“I have to remind myself that God forgave me. I cannot keep letting others beat me up for who I was. I’m not that person anymore.”

Tanya’s Transformation

Tanya’s recovery at Caz has been life-changing. She has embraced personal growth, resilience, and the power of self-forgiveness. Tanya has learned that recovery is not a linear process but requires continuous effort and commitment. She credits the Caz community for providing her with the tools, resources, and unwavering support she needed to rebuild her life.

Today, Tanya stands as a beacon of hope for others who are navigating their own paths to recovery. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of the residential housing programs at Caz Recovery. With her newfound strength and determination, Tanya continues to inspire those around her as she remains committed to her own recovery and helps others along the way.

We are immensely proud of Tanya’s achievements and grateful to have been a part of her recovery journey. June 13, 2023 marks the 12th year without drugs or alcohol for Tanya. Her story reminds us all that with the right support, a resilient spirit, and a commitment to self-love, recovery is possible.


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