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Inspiring Transformations: Our Path to Recovery

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Our Path to Recovery  

In our ongoing effort to shed light on the incredible work happening at Caz Recovery, we dive into the intake process, where individuals take their first steps towards a life-changing journey. Jon Tasca, our Intake Manager, has valuable insights about our approach and the impact it has on residents. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, and he is driven by his passion for working with individuals in recovery.

When applicants are ready to make the transition from external stabilization programs, they are referred to Caz Recovery as a next step in their recovery that will increase the odds of living a healthy lifestyle in the future. In order to initiate their journey with us, applicants are required to complete a referral application, which allows us to reach out in a timely manner. Jackie, the dedicated Intake Secretary, takes charge of processing these applications and efficiently schedules over-the-phone intake assessments for each applicant. The intake assessment serves as a crucial step in determining the appropriate level of care for each individual, and serves as a means for Caz to begin person-centered services. Jon explained that factors such as the date of their last recurrence and underlying causes of their substance use disorder are carefully evaluated. Additional requirements and considerations, such as updated psych evaluations or medical clearances, may be necessary depending on the applicant’s specific needs.

Jon highlighted Caz Recovery’s unique approach of providing a continuum of care that allows our residents to progress from residential Rehabilitation to residential Reintegration and ultimately to Step Toward Success (formerly Supportive Living). This comprehensive framework ensures that individuals in our care have the necessary support at each stage of their recovery journey. By ensuring internal connectivity with bed-to-bed transitions, Caz Recovery offers a vital sense of stability and security for residents.

Jon also shared inspiring success stories of individuals who have experienced the intake process and achieved remarkable transformations. One story highlighted a recipient of care who initially faced challenges but, through open communication and a tailored plan, ultimately succeeded in completing all levels of care. Jon’s unwavering support and dedication played a pivotal role in helping this individual navigate their journey to recovery.

Since challenges are an inevitable part of the intake process as staff are working with individuals going through difficult experiences, Jon also shed light on how Caz Recovery addresses some of the concerns that arise. Sometimes applicants may express a desire to start their treatment experience in a level of care that may not be clinically appropriate for them. In these situations, the team utilizes trauma-informed language to ensure the individual understands the importance of clinically-appropriate care. Jon also emphasized the significance of addressing legal issues, financial considerations, and other potential barriers to smooth transitions right at the start of treatment with Caz so they can be dealt with appropriately.

Jon’s passion for his role shines through as he shared his personal experiences and the impact they have had on him. He takes immense pride in listening to applicants, asking open-ended questions, and providing a non-judgmental space for them. Witnessing the progress and achievements of individuals he has helped inspires him to continue his work with dedication and joy.

Jon also expressed his appreciation for his exceptional staff, including Jackie Britton as the Intake Secretary, and Bianca Catuzza and Leah DiPasquale as the Intake Coordinators. Their collaborative efforts contribute to the success of the intake process and Caz Recovery as a whole.

Caz Recovery’s unique approach to the intake process, the continuum of care, and the dedication of their staff make all the difference. Together, we provide a safe haven for those on their recovery journey, offering hope, support, and a path to a brighter future.

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