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Pathways to Purpose: Caz Recovery’s New Vocational Services HUB

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Pathways to Purpose

Introducing the “HUB”

At Caz Recovery, we’re thrilled to introduce the “HUB”, a vocational services program that Dr. Tom Priester, Vocational Program Manager, and Willie Chillis, Vocational Specialist, have been working on for the last few months. The HUB is a shared space in our Supportive Living office. The goal of the HUB is to help our residents discover their purpose, leading to opportunities such as employment, volunteerism, school, or workforce development programs. The HUB is designed to be a central location where our residents can access resources such as computers, wifi, vocational training, and more to help them find their pathway to purpose. Willie is available all day to assist residents and provide support.

The services offered by the HUB include employment assistance. At the HUB, they also help residents explore other options and activate connections to community resources leading to workforce development training. Residents who aren’t quite ready to seek employment choose volunteer work. On a weekly basis, Willie hosts a variety of virtual career development workshops facilitated by the New York State Department of Labor. The HUB offers resources for residents who come in and want to apply for a job but who may need to obtain their GED first. It provides resources and assistance to help them achieve that.

One of the unique aspects of the HUB is that it’s a centralized location, which allows for better collaboration among team members and streamlines the process for residents. Additionally, it allows for better continuity of care as team members can easily share information and coordinate services. Overall, the HUB is an innovative and joyful solution for residents to discover their purpose and achieve their goals.

Willie & Tom
Willie Chillis & Dr. Tom Priester

Why was the HUB started?

The idea for the HUB came from a spark of inspiration – Tom and Willie wanted to create a space where our residents could come together, find support, and discover their own pathways to purpose. They saw the potential for something bigger and better than what currently existed and set out to make it happen. The space was previously just used for storage, but after some TLC, it now shines with open windows, bright lighting, and a welcoming ambiance. Coffee and snacks are also available!

It’s been a journey filled with hard work and determination, but the results speak for themselves. The HUB is bustling with energy and excitement, as residents come together to explore new opportunities and discover their own passions. And the best part? As more and more residents find success through the HUB, the excitement and inspiration spreads like wildfire.

Tom and Willie are passionate about helping our residents, and they’re always on hand to offer guidance and support. When asked to describe the HUB, Willie states, “Whether you’re looking for a new job, want to volunteer, or just need someone to talk to, we are here for you. And with the HUB open all week long, there’s always a friendly face and a helping hand just a few steps away.”

Caz Recovery's Vocational Services HUB
Caz Recovery’s Vocational Services HUB

Bringing the HUB to life

Tom and Willie are a dynamic duo at the HUB, working collaboratively to split up responsibilities and help residents based on their individual needs and goals. Tom is an expert in developmental education while Willie has experience working with veterans.

They both have been thrilled to see how excited and engaged the residents have been about the HUB. Residents have been coming to check out the space and take advantage of the resources and services offered. Many have even stayed for hours at a time. The goal of the HUB is to create a warm and welcoming space where residents feel supported and motivated to take steps towards their recovery journey.

Tom and Willie understand that each resident’s needs and goals are unique, and their job is to meet them where they are at in their journey and help them move forward. Whether that means providing information and resources or helping them set and achieve smaller goals before tackling bigger ones, they are here to support residents every step of the way. According to Tom, “It’s been a joy to see residents excited and motivated to find employment and take control of their lives. We’re excited to continue helping them on their path to purpose.”

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