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Amanda Miller – Staff Spotlight

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Amanda Miller, case manager at Somerset House

Positive thinking is something Amanda Miller embraces every day. She’s the case manager at Somerset House in Appleton, and she brings this uplifting attitude into her work. In fact, Amanda has quite a few positive affirmations hanging on the wall behind her desk. “I’m a very positive person and I just try to use positivity in every aspect of what I do,” she explained.

Amanda knows that bringing this zeal into her daily routine at Somerset makes a world of a difference for our residents. People with substance use disorders often have low self-esteem and benefit from reminders to think positively. Amanda always keeps this in the back of her mind. As a case manager, she runs a group that focuses on women’s issues. In each group, she helps residents focus on the good things that happen during the day.

The positive affirmations Amanda uses reflect the atmosphere at Somerset House. “We’re a great team,” she said. Together, the team values and promotes collaboration. Amanda, who has a bachelor’s degree in human services from Empire State, has been at the program for nearly a year.

Recently, the program filled almost all of its open positions. While the positions were open, Amanda stepped up and took on responsibilities outside of her role. “At the end of the day, it’s about these women and what they need,” she said. “They’ve been through so much already.”

Clearly, knowing the stories of our residents gives Amanda perspective. “They kind of are lost souls when they walk in here sometimes,” she said. “It amazes me that these women are still standing and still fighting.” Many of our staff members find the determination of our residents to be inspiring, and she’s no different. “I hope that they are able to realize their self-worth and importance,” Amanda said. “Everybody has an important role to play.”

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