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Cazenovia Recovery Residents Pursue Educational Goals

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This article was previously featured in the August 2014 issue of the Cazenovia Compass and is about residents within our programs continuing their education:

As Cazenovia Recovery clients look toward brighter futures, many choose to pursue new educational goals. Whether in formal classrooms or in training sessions, they are discovering opportunities that lead to more secure life paths.

Many clients did not consider exploring educational offerings until Cazenovia Recovery staff encouraged them.

Evyonne, a resident at Visions Place

Evyonne, a resident at Visions Place

When the 2014 fall semester started at Erie Community College (ECC), Dexter began studies toward a mental health assistant/ substance abuse counseling degree. Now that his affiliation with Cazenovia Recovery has meant a stable place to live, he is able to focus on the next step. With “the constant encouragement” of Housing Program staff, and at the advice of friends, Dexter is resuming his education. “I want to work as a counselor in this field or with people with development disabilities,” he said, noting that he plans to go on to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Visions Place resident Eyvonne is taking reading and writing prep classes with the intention of starting at ECC in the spring semester. She said that her inspiration was “seeing that other people in recovery have gone back to school to become productive members of society.” She hopes to become a counselor, her goal for several years, and she sees many opportunities within that discipline. Among them are working in the addictions field or with those who have experienced trauma such as rape or domestic violence.

After graduating from ECC with a 4.0 average, Michael (pictured at the top of the page) is a junior at Buffalo State College, studying for a bachelor’s in social work, ultimately aiming for a master’s degree. “This place and only this place helped me to continue my education,” he said, crediting Cazenovia Recovery’s Housing Program staff.

AlvinAlvin is enrolled in a math class at the Adult Learning Center, in preparation to take the GED examination. If successful, he will achieve his high school equivalency and qualify for jobs that require it. “I want to get back into the workforce,” Alvin said, “I would like a job in manufacturing.” Alvin credits Quinclon Davis, Counselor Associate at Cazenovia Manor, who suggested pursuing the GED.

Phillip, a Visions Place resident, is thinking about law school or earning a master’s in social work after he graduates from Villa Maria College. “Being at Visions Place granted me the ability to become sober, to appreciate every moment and to be the best I can be,” he said. “It is helping me realize dreams I never thought possible.”

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