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Encouraging Recovery Videos

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Encouraging Recovery Videos

Three residents from our Housing programs recently sat down today for a quick “In My Own Words…” interview. Their videos are now up on our YouTube channel here. These videos were done to help promote a contest currently being held by the Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network and National Recovery Month. People in recovery and the organizations that provide them support hope to change the attitude our society has about recovery and addiction. These videos encourage others to speak up and reach out about their experience in recovery.

Our first video is from Constance, who wants to share her story so that everyone can understand how important recovery is.


Next is Willie and he hopes that his speaking out will help others to learn from his path.


Marsha has always been outspoken about her recovery and she thinks that everyone needs to understand that a better life is possible through help.

As you’re watching each of their videos, be sure to like the video on the YouTube page by clicking on the “thumbs up” below where the video is playing. Each like will increase their chances of winning a great prize from the “In My Own Words” contest. Help reward their bravery!

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