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Inspiration at New Beginnings

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New Beginnings

Twenty-two years after its founding, Cazenovia Recovery Systems’ New Beginnings community residence continues to achieve success that surpasses its target goal.

Debra Cannon, New Beginnings supervisor

Debra Cannon, New Beginnings supervisor

Located on Buffalo’s West Side, New Beginnings serves men who have substance use disorders. Working with 16 residents at a time, the facility’s dedicated professional staff members have guided hundreds on the path to recovery.

The structured, supervised program reported that 100 percent of participants last year moved on to more independent living, surpassing the target goal of 83 percent.

Residents find unwavering support as they work on daily living skills and explore opportunities to further educational or employment goals. This environment strengthens individuals’ efforts to achieve abstinence and leads them toward more independent living.

Debra Cannon, who joined Cazenovia Recovery in the fall as New Beginnings’ site supervisor, brings a wealth of experience as a detox unit clinical supervisor and as a counselor for substance abuse, trauma, and other issues.

Dave, a New Beginnings resident

Dave, a New Beginnings resident

“Our staff is incredibly welcoming and really open and ready to embrace change and new opportunities,” she said. “We want to continue to improve the quality of care and to effectively deliver it.”

Debra said that she feels valued as a Cazenovia Recovery team member and “trusted to bring out my strengths and ideals.”

“We look to inspire residents and I find them inspirational, as well,” Paulette Turner, case manager said. “It doesn’t matter how addiction hits you, use the resources available to you and make something positive out of your life. Our residents are striving to make changes in their lives and we are here to help them reach their goals.”

Dave, at New Beginnings for six months, reports that the program has helped him “step back” to better understand himself and identify the causes of his addiction. He appreciates the facility’s urban setting as it is “extremely convenient to a huge number of self-help meetings and resources.” Dave’s plan is next to be in a supportive living residence and “to ease my way back to the work force.”

Law school is the long-term goal of John, a New Beginnings resident for four months, who is close to completing his MBA degree. “I thought I had all the answers, but this program has given me humility and shown me how to take suggestions,” he said. He pointed out how especially helpful it is to hear the stories about and recommendations from “those who have been through this before.”

John, a New Beginnings resident

John, a New Beginnings resident

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