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Jessica Teresi – Supervisor Spotlight

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Jessica Teresi

Jessica Teresi, who has an MS in Urban Planning from Buffalo State, serves as Cazenovia Recovery’s Property Manager. She and her position have proven essential as our agency continues to grow. As manager of our maintenance department, she encourages accountability and a commitment to being sensitive to the needs of our programs and residents. “Our maintenance team is really responsive” she noted.

Managing Amherst Station Apartments is one of Jessica’s many responsibilities. Our agency built the apartment building in 2010 and it shares space with our Administrative Office. The 24 apartments within were created to be affordable for lower-income individuals and families. Located in north Buffalo, the Amherst Station Apartments are housed in a “green” building, designed to be ecologically sensitive. Each apartment features energy-efficient appliances. Jessica works with new tenants, oversees the wait list, and responds to both tenant and building management issues.

Our Supportive Living program also benefits from Jessica’s skills and organization as she locates new apartments for our residents and works with new and current property owners. She always has the best interest of our residents in mind when locating new apartments. She said she specifically looks for “nice-looking apartments that have been recently updated.” It is also helpful if apartments are near main bus lines. Jessica is also proud of her ability to work well with the property owners we already have “They love us and want to work with us,” she said. Once property owners understand that we have a maintenance team that comes out to address minor issues in apartments, they are more than happy to serve our residents together.  

Promoting teamwork among the maintenance team is very important to Jessica. Her team members work together and they all take responding to requests very seriously. Most recently, they completed exterior repairs and renovations to Sundram Manor, a community residence in Niagara Falls. This work was done to prepare for an upcoming garden walk. “It’s involved a lot of painting and landscaping,” said Jessica. All of this work was worth it, though, as Sundram Manor’s exterior looks great and serves as a perfect example of what Jessica’s team, in collaboration with her effective leadership, can accomplish.

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