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Luis’s Medication Assisted Treatment

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Luis, a resident at Turning Point House

The Benefits of Medication Assisted Treatment

Substance use disorders are being treated in effective new ways with Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). MAT is the use of medications to help manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms for certain substances. Thankfully, the acceptance of MAT is growing rapidly throughout the field. Notably, it has high rates of success when combined with other clinical supports like counseling.

Like with other diseases, taking medication for a substance use disorder can improve health outcomes. Luis, a resident at Turning Point House, knows this all too well. “When I’m on all my medications, I don’t think about using,” he said. “Each day is a good day.”

Turning Point and Medication Assisted Treatment

Luis has been at Turning Point for about a month, but he was at the program earlier this year, too. After leaving in June, he moved to a part of town that had a lot of triggers for him. He stopped taking his MAT and started using again. “I became ill due to the heroin use and wasn’t sleeping,” he said. “I called Turning Point House because I was desperate for treatment.”

Now that he’s back at Turning Point, things are looking good. The program supports and prescribes his MATs. In fact, Turning Point now offers a group just on managing MAT for residents. This reflects the program’s new integrated focus by offering Rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation’s Integrated Focus

Since converting to Rehabilitation last month, Turning Point offers many services for people with substance use disorders. Besides substance use counseling, it has mental health treatment, basic medical care, family support, and more onsite. Luis thinks this change is really beneficial. “All in all, things are good” he said. “I’m benefiting from the program.”

Aside from the MAT group, Luis finds groups on relationships helpful. He also really appreciates Turning Point’s group on mindfulness. “It helps me stay level-headed and aware,” he explained. Luis also enjoys Turning Point’s yoga and workout equipment. Coupled with his MAT, all of these services at Turning Point help Luis tremendously. Unsurprisingly, he knows he has the support of his staff members. “The staff are great people and they actually care,” said Luis.

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