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Ron Corpening – Staff Spotlight

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Ron Corpening, counselor associate at Cazenovia Manor

At a time of seemingly nonstop growth for our agency, it can be helpful to reflect on how far our organization has come in such a short time. Ron Corpening, counselor associate, has been with the agency since 2005. He has spent his entire career at Cazenovia Manor. Needless to say, Ron has seen a lot of change. “We’ve grown,” he said. “I’ve just seen us rise since the day I got here in a very positive way.” He said that we’ve been successful and able to grow primarily because of our consistency. “We focus on our mission of helping people,” he said.

Ron got involved in recovery for two reasons. First, he had friends and family members who were substance users. “Someone had to step up to show them that there’s hope,” he said. “I turned out to be that guy.” Second, Ron is in recovery himself and he’ll celebrate 28 years clean this April. “It’s been a lot of ‘one days at a time’,” he said with a smile.

The team at Cazenovia Manor is proud to see how far Ron has come, especially considering that he recently achieved his CASAC credentials. He also has an associate’s degree in Human Services and Social Science from Erie Community College. Ron feels “very supported and encouraged” by his teammates.

Not only does Cazenovia Manor create an atmosphere of empowerment among staff, the program has also developed a similar environment for residents. Ron is a major part of this focus. “Some of our residents have never been trusted before,” he noted. Because of this, it is important that our staff members trust them and allow them to grow. “I also let them know that I’m here for them and that they have support,” Ron said. “A little time and a little trust can go really far.”

Ron has been with the agency for quite some time, but he’s most excited for the agency’s future. “I’m looking forward to the new changes with Medicaid,” he mentioned. These changes will allow us to support our residents in even more holistic and therapeutic ways. Cazenovia Manor will be one of the first programs to make this transition. Residents there are in very capable hands thanks to Ron’s expertise and compassion.

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