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Sober Intentions

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Sober Intentions

Cazenovia Recovery’s Housing program is a thriving collective of inventive and holistic care for individuals in recovery.

The agency’s Housing Program offers 101 supported apartments throughout the area and dedicated relapse prevention specialists who assist residents attempting to remain free of drugs and alcohol.

Senior relapse prevention specialist Scotty Burt and relapse prevention specialist Fatisha Collins

Senior relapse prevention specialist Scotty Burt and relapse prevention specialist Fatisha Collins

Senior specialist Scotty Burt and specialist Fatisha Collins recently changed the name of their weekly group from Relapse Prevention to Sober Intentions. The new name reflects a positive approach with greater focus on Trauma-Informed Care. “The participants’ purpose is to stay sober, support each other and have fun,” he said. “We always have an open-door policy for one-on-one interventions,” Fatisha added.

They have created “a safe place” and comfortable atmosphere. “We don’t always stress substance use topics because they get that in outpatient services,” Scotty explained. “Instead, open communication and positive self-talk are encouraged. It’s a tight-knit group. They know they can talk about anything. We are active listeners and acknowledge positive changes.”

Fatisha started a sub-group for women, Walking in Your Own Destiny, that meets bi-monthly. Health issues, and living and coping skills are emphasized, as well as accessing available community resources. Scotty plans to launch a similar sub-group for men.

The Sober Intentions Drum Circle

The Sober Intentions Drum Circle

Fun events are of the utmost importance for the group. Among them are birthday celebrations, ice cream socials, picnics, baseball games, amusement park visits, holiday parties, and art show participation. These events show residents how to enjoy activities without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Scotty recently re-introduced a drum circle, which uses percussion as a recreational opportunity that has the benefit of reducing stress. “It’s also just fun,” he added.

He has praise for residents’ accomplishments. “Our residents are trying and they are staying on top of it, too,” he said. “They know they’re not alone.”

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