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Staff Spotlight: Latera Hodges

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Latera Hodges has served as Supportive Living’s Program Secretary for five years, but she has worked supporting agencies that help individuals in recovery for 16 years. “It’s a really interesting field,” she said. Throughout her career, she has grown to develop a wonderful passion for service and teamwork.

For Latera, Supportive Living is “cool, busy challenging, fun, and about a hundred other adjectives. There’s never a dull moment.” Our Supportive Living program currently serves 88 residents in over 20 apartments throughout Erie County. As one of our larger programs, it can be easy to lose the amicable connection to the residents, but Latera always offers a warm welcome and friendly hello to each person that walks through Supportive Living’s door.

The staff at Supportive Living “all work together really well,” according to Latera. “We’re a great team,” she said. This teamwork is especially helpful when serving our residents. Latera noted that the program’s staff fill in for each other constantly. “When someone’s out, we’re all willing to sit down and talk to a resident when they need it.” Due to her vast knowledge within her position, Latera is often a go-to person to answer questions. She also often serves as a useful link between our Administrative office and our residents when they have questions about their finances. “I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else,” she said.

Working with our residents gives Latera perspective. “There’s always someone out there with problems bigger than your own,” she said.  This helps her to better understand what they are going through. “I always keep in mind that I could be in their shoes, “she noted.

She is particularly fond of being able to help residents through potentially challenging situations. Some have difficulties reading, which can create stress when filling out paperwork. Latera ensures that she sits down and helps them through applications, letters, and other forms. Most importantly, she offers understanding and empathy to people in recovery. “I love our residents,” she said. “I wouldn’t want to make them feel embarrassed.”

Eventually, she wants to go back to school to become a counselor. With her patient demeanor, great experience, and warm smile, she would truly make an incredible one.

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