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Supervisor Spotlight: Claudia Rejman

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Claudia Rejman, who began working for us in June, joined our agency at an exciting but busy time, to say the least. At first, she focused on the financial operations of Fellowship House, but she has since transitioned into her current role as Comptroller. She now oversees the financial activity of the entire agency while ensuring the quality and accuracy of the financial department. This is no easy task, considering how much Cazenovia Recovery has grown recently.

She sees the main role of the financial department as walking the delicate balance between cooperating with our funders while providing stellar services to residents within our programs. In an era of shrinking resources for nonprofits and social services, this can certainly be a challenge. However, she doesn’t let the current situation hold back her expectations. “We learn how to do it better every day,” she said.

Her pride in her staff shows. She believes they “feel strongly about helping residents on the road to recovery.” She herself enjoys hearing the “success stories” shared throughout the agency from residents and staff alike. To better serve the agency as a whole, she plans on increasing cross-training within the financial department. She hopes this will encourage her staff members to take more advantage of the agency’s generous time off.

Claudia is also determined to implement the principles of Trauma-Informed Care within her department, a place where some may be surprised to find this model at work. She is especially motivated by empowerment, which she seeks to instill in her staff. “It’s exciting to see them become more engaged in their roles,” she stated.

When Claudia isn’t spending her time pouring over spreadsheets and numbers, she enjoys “getting lost in a good book.” Currently, she’s reading the newest addition to the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” series titled “The Girl in the Spider’s Web.” Of course, she’s not exactly overburdened with free time these days. Nevertheless, Claudia is looking forward to a “busy but exciting 2016.”

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