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Susan Phibbs, Operations Assistant

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Susan Phibbs, Operations Assistant

Susan Phibbs is our agency’s Operations Assistant. As such, she lends support to quite a few areas throughout Caz Recovery. When she first started with us, however, she was our Accounts Payable Coordinator. Before that, she worked at the Lexington Co-Op as their Office Assistant for ten years. While there, she helped out with accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchasing, administrative support, and more. This prepared her well for what she’s doing today.

Susan moved into her current role last year. “I like it very much,” she said. “The Admin team is friendly, accessible, and dedicated.” As the Operations Assistant, she helps out in many different areas. This includes human resources, property management, IT, administration, and a little finance here and there. “Operations really supports the whole reason Caz is even here,” Susan noted. “We provide the tools necessary for the programs to do their work efficiently to the best that they can.”

Over the last few months, Susan has been instrumental in our onboarding and hiring processes. In fact, her great work with this task was why Eileen Dietsch nominated her. Susan said that she’s “really enjoying” onboarding our new applications. “I like meeting all the new people coming through,” she added. Susan ensures that she tries to get to know each person as much as possible while making them feel comfortable and welcome. “Whatever person is here, whatever position they’re going through the onboarding process for, I directly engage with what brings them here,” said Susan.

It’s vital for our programs to have their new hires brought on board as quickly as possible, and Susan has always recognized this as a priority. “I know how important it is for the positions to be filled quickly,” she explained. Finding caring individuals to help support those in need is one of our biggest goals as an organization. Susan is inspired by this. Specifically, she finds hope in “those who work on behalf of the voiceless and the overlooked to make changes and significant improvement in their lives.”

It’s clear that Susan’s positive, can-do attitude has had a huge impact on our staffing procedures. By supporting our operations and human resources work, she’s helping to build our uplifting culture. “I think we have a really great work atmosphere,” said Susan. “Every single coworker I’ve encountered has been kind and genuinely respectful.”

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