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Tristan Jordan, Supported Housing Case Manager

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Tristan Jordan, Supported Housing Case Manager

Tristan Jordan, Supported Housing Case Manager, is a helper. “It’s like second nature for me to be that person who lends a helping hand,” she said. Tristan is also an optimist that sees the silver lining in everything. But, she recognizes that not every situation is a positive one. She knows that setbacks can happen, and when they do, she also knows that she loves lifting people up. “I can help you get your life back on track,” she affirmed.

While she’s only been with our Housing program since March, Tristan has extensive experience with different vulnerable populations throughout Western New York. She’s previously worked for agencies in the area like Aspire, Evergreen, Hillside, and more. In addition, she has a Bachelor’s of Science in Health and Wellness from Buffalo State with a focus on social issues. Thanks to this wide breadth of knowledge, she’s able to draw from many areas to help people in need. Although this is the first time she’s worked specifically with individuals experiencing homelessness, she’s welcomed the new challenge.

One of her primary responsibilities is to help clients in our Housing program find apartments in the area. She also develops relationships with landlords, and keeping those relationships strong is important. “We get clients fresh from homelessness,” Tristan explained. “They are not used to being in a home or having responsibilities. Everything is on edge, and everything is fight or flight.” The first few weeks in a new apartment are particularly precarious, and Tristan works with clients to support them in this transition.

She knows it’s important to get people to acknowledge the pain and trauma they’ve experienced in the past. “You can find some walls,” Tristan noted. Thankfully, she excels at breaking them down. A large part of this is just listening. She tries to give clients “the opportunity to express what’s going on” while seeing things from their point of view.

Sarah Gorry, our Director of Housing and Vocational Services describes Tristan as “fantastic and hardworking.” When asked how she keeps those attitudes up, Tristan replied saying “I’m going to be awesome because I have to be awesome.” At the end of the day, she knows that her reputation can be incredibly important and uplifting when it comes to helping others. “If I’m not awesome, then who am I?”

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